Saturday, 16 February 2013


I love makeovers especially when you compare the before and after shots. I especially love ones that don't cost a small fortune where people have re used what they already have.  Consistent feedback from viewers says my house needs updating.  I agree but I just don't have the funds.  But I have some crafty ideas ;-)
My house has a one bedroomed annexe.  My oldest son lived in it before he moved out.  I recently painted the living area white and bought really cheap white cottony curtains from Ikea.  There are 4 windows in that one room!  So I needed a lot of curtain fabric that didn't cost much.  I think in total it was £35.  There was a lot of fabric leftover as some of the windows were small.  I added it to my stash :-)

This is the annexe bedroom upstairs.  Now a dumping ground for my laundry, tartan stuff and my middle son's belongings that he didn't take to Vienna. The walls have been painted cream (cos I had lots of leftover tins in the garage) but I've still to paint the orange (yes, it's really orange!!) woodwork.  I still have white satinwood paint left. The carpet is a strange shade of green.  It's a good quality one so I'm not changing it (mainly due to cost) so I'm stuck with it.  Note the handmade pink and green bag to the left of my bike.  The green in it matches the carpet!! 

So I'm thinking of making some curtains from the leftover curtain fabric and some of that pink/green fabric to replace these orangey ones.

It's an Amy Butler fabric.  I've just ordered 2 metres at a cost of £14.80.  My plan is to make plain white curtains with a bold broad stripe around the edges.

I already have white satinwood paint, white curtain fabric pieces and a couple of old picture frames.  My plan is to turn that room into my workroom!

You've seen the before pictures, now watch out for the after in a few weeks :-)

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