Sunday, 11 March 2018

Ups and Downs

 Frittata, Prawn Burger and sweet potato fries, Roast Cauliflower and Chicken Salad

Why do Mondays to Fridays drag and Saturdays/Sundays whizz by in a flash?? *sighs*  Last week was a dreadful one work wise ending with me being punched by one of my pupils *sighs again*  Ah well, just 3 more weeks until the Easter holidays.

In a effort to get myself fit and healthy before going to Australia in July (I don't want a repeat of 'She needs a bigger wetsuit!!') 😲 I've signed up to do The Body Coach's 90 day Plan.  I already eat healthily (most of the time) and I go the gym but I've not been able to shift the weight I wanted.  So something had to be changed.  It's a programme of nutritionally balanced meals tailored to me and 5 different HIIT workouts.

Bagel with smoked salmon and scrambled eggs, BBQ meatballs and NY Style Steak and Eggs

So far I am loving the food!!  In fact there is so much food I sometimes struggle with the portions.  I already meal prepped so that bit is easy.  I've adjusted my gym workouts to HIIT sessions and do a couple of extra ones at home when I get in from work.  It's not a weight loss plan, more of a lose fat/gain muscle plan!

It's not for everyone but I need to do something to shock my body into action.  My weight has been yoyoing this past year and I just feel I need a completely different approach.  I'm one week into the first 30 day cycle and so far so good. 

Saturday, 3 March 2018


I finally got my car out after 5 days!  I was getting a bit stir crazy 😜 I tried to get out yesterday but after an hour of shoveling snow, it started to snow heavily again so I gave up.  OH finally got back from Italy this morning (2 days late!!) and helped me do the last bit out to the road.  The main roads are driveable but the gritter lorries just push the snow to the sides of the road in huge piles.  This makes the roads very narrow.  But at least they're clear.

Every morning I've dug out a path to the coop so Penny can come out if she wants.  She's got food and water inside and outside.  I scatter some feed over the ground so she can forage a bit and she gets warm porridge too. She seems happy enough as she gives me an egg almost daily in return.

Meals have been interesting this week!  I was running down my fridge freezer so I could clean it and restock it.  I had no meat or fish left.  Just loads of veggies. This was a veggie lentil chilli mixed with rice and chopped spinach with some wholegrain mustard.  Doesn't photograph well but it was delicious!

This was Punjabi spiced roast cauliflower (Madhur Jaffray recipe) with spinach rice and toasted cashews.  Also very delicious.  It would have been lovely with some raita or mango chutney but I didn't have either.  It really was a use it up meal!

I did manage to get to Sainsbury's today but the car park was a disaster with huge piles of snow everywhere and inconsiderate parking (mainly by 4x4 drivers).  I drove round it (very carefully!!) for 20 mins then gave up.  I tried the small Lidl near me and it was the same story.  So I came home, put my walking gear on and walked back to Lidl.  I managed to get some chicken, cod and salmon (their pricing for local Scottish produce is really good!) and some fresh fruit and vegetables to keep me going for a few days.  There were lots of empty shelves, some things I wouldn't be buying anyway.  Hopefully the next time I go they'll be full up again.

Hope you're safe and warm wherever you are!!

Thursday, 1 March 2018

More snow!

Emma was a bit excited to see so much snow this morning!  In this pic I've actually caught her mid bound above the snow as it's up to her stomach when she stands still.

It took her ages to find a spot to pee! 😆 

 Just an hour later we had yet another whiteout

4x4 cars are the only vehicles I've seen on my hilly road

This is the passageway from my door to the gate.  It's more than 30cm deep.  Luckily it's soft and easy to scoop with my big snow shovel.  The Red Alert warning has now been downgraded to Amber, which is still serious but the worst seems to be over for us.  No idea if school will reopen tomorrow.  We are a digital school so have been doing some remote teaching and learning this morning.  Although only 2 of my pupils have been doing the tasks I've set my class.  Ah well.

Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Snow Days!

Like much of Britain we've got snowy weather.  Most schools in Scotland were closed today and tomorrow, including mine! 😎  See that wee red bit?  That's where I live!  Public transport was cancelled at lunchtime.  Businesses were closing early.  Police advice was go home and stay there.  It's rather serious.  The motorway between Stirling and Glasgow was closed many times today due to accidents.

OH is in Italy for work this week.  He's due to fly home tomorrow but the airports are closed which means planes and crew are all in the wrong places.  I really don't think he'll be home until Friday.

This was the view from my window at lunch time.

The view from the back door.  You can just see Penny's red comb in the middle of the photo, she's on her perch shouting loudly at me!  🐔 Between the snow showers I went out and swept a bit of ground for her to peck.

Apparently people have been panic buying in the supermarkets!  Luckily I'm prepared with food, water and heat if anything goes off (in my old house we lost power every single time it snowed!!)

Since it's the last day of February I've added up my supermarket spend for the month.  I've spent £153.36 so I'm rather pleased.  However, my fridge and freezer are very empty.  Once the weather calms down I'll need to do a big shop!

Sunday, 25 February 2018

Same old same old

All of a sudden it's Sunday again.  My life is extremely dull, boring and repetitive at the moment with nothing of interest to blog about.  I get up, go to work, come home, eat, collapse on the sofa, eat some more and go to bed.  If OH is around he'll drag me to the gym on a Tuesday and Thursday.  He's been working out of town a lot lately so I'm feeling very unfit.  He's currently in Italy for work.  It's still too cold/dark to go out a run after work (plus I'm not motivated enough!!) On a positive note I am finally starting to feel much better after the flu episode.

Progress on the flat buying front is trundling along, the legal bits are doing their thing.  DS is beginning to get excited.  I'm less excited about clearing out his old flat!!  He's a hoarder who keeps everything 'just in case.' *sighs*

I was playing around on FB and found an app that airbrushed your profile photo.  I wish I looked like this all the time!!

Saturday, 17 February 2018

House prices

This house has just come up for sale at the bottom of my street.  It's the same style as mine except they have 2 floor length windows in the living room.

This is mine when I bought it 4 years ago.  You can see how similar they are on the outside.  The layouts are slightly different on the inside.  Mine has more rooms as it's been extended.

That house is offers over £53,000 more than I paid for mine 4 years ago!!!!! 😄😄😄

Apparently house prices in my area have shot up recently. This means when I come to sell I'll have more money in my pension pot.  I am very relieved!

Thursday, 15 February 2018

'Free' Food

Today I had to go into town to do flat buying paperwork.  So I took my wee bags of coins to the bank to pay them into my account.  I had £14 in 1p, 2p and 5p bags.  The bank only takes whole pounds of one type of coin but I still have about £4 in mixed coins to use in the self service checkout at Sainsbury's. (Anyone else do that??)  Plus I had a £5 reward voucher for M&S thanks to using their credit card.  I hardly use it anymore so getting even a £5 voucher is good going!!

So I 'spent' my money on 1kg of chicken thighs, 2 packs of tomatoes, 2 packs of beetroot, 2 packs of courgettes and 2 tubs of stock powder.  £19 exactly!!

I chopped up some of the courgettes and tomatoes with peppers, onions and garlic and roasted them for about an hour.  I added some chopped beetroot at the end as it was already cooked.

I added a splash of balsamic vinegar and had a bowlful for my lunch.  Very tasty indeed!  There's loads left for another meal.

I split the chicken thighs into 2 large casseroles and marinaded one with lemon juice, black pepper and honey.  I put some of my fajita spice mix on the other one.  I left both to marinade for an hour then baked them in the oven.

 While they were baking I made some healthy (ish) coleslaw.

There were 21 pieces of chicken so I had 3 with some coleslaw for my tea.  Lovely!

I'm counting it as 'free' food as the £14 was just loose change that's been lying around for a while and the M&S voucher is a reward.  I've shredded /chopped up all the chicken and portioned it for another 6 generous meals (3 thighs per serving).  And I still have a pack of tomatoes, a pack of beetroot and 2 courgettes to use in something else 😎  The 2 tins of stock powder are for my storecupboard.