Saturday, 16 March 2019

Back to purple

I woke up to more snow this morning!  The weather forecast was spot on.  It continued all day and temperatures are set to dip below freezing tonight so I'm guessing it will still be here tomorrow.  The chickens enjoyed a huge bowl of porridge as a treat.

They've taken to rushing the door whenever I open it in the hope of some tasty treat!  Picture was last night when I got home from school.

So it was indoor activities today.  I cooked a load of chicken breasts, cleaned the kitchen and I dyed my hair purple.  💜

And OH decided that a wonky bit of wall needed to be sanded again.

Only problem was it was on the wall that was already finished!  *sighs*  There's dust all over the furniture and pictures.  And the stairs.  And somehow in my bedroom too *sighs again* 

I hate sanding so I'm grateful he doesn't mind doing it.  I got the hoover out to deal with the dust and banged about while he was watching the rugby.  Loudly!! 😄

Sunday, 10 March 2019

Before and After (nearly)


After (nearly)

I just have the skirting to paint white and then I'm ready for the new carpet 😎 I would have finished the painting this weekend but thanks to someone lowering my chair at work without my knowledge (or permission!!) I hurt my back when I sat down.  I did try to do some sanding but it just made my back hurt.  So I'll finish the painting next weekend.  Can't be helped.

I've ordered my new carpet and it will get fitted during the Easter holidays.  So I have 3 weeks left to paint the rest of the treads and get started on the high wall up the stairs.  I don't want to be painting once the carpet is down.

OH and The Teenogre fitted my lovely new brushed chrome sockets and switches last night.  They really make a difference.

It feels like I'm nearly finished! 🙌

Friday, 8 March 2019

Pay rise!!

After an absolutely dreadful week at our school regarding the behaviour of some kids (and unbelieveably some parents!) I came home tonight to find that Scottish teachers are to get a decent pay rise!  Not the 12% that the press have been quoting!!!!!  7% in April and another 3% next year.  It's more than some other public sectors are getting so I'm grateful.

The next campaign will be to reduce workload.  One step at a time!

Sunday, 3 March 2019

A few mistakes!!

Obviously bloggers like to write about the successful parts of their lives and make their blog look nice but I thought it only fair to share a few of my mistakes this week!  I seem to be making more and more of them recently!!!

Yesterday I had my hair done, properly at a reputable hairdresser.  I had decided to go blonde again so I could play with temporary colours like purple.  It looks ok in the photo but it's actually yellow/orange in places and a lovely silvery blonde in others.  And despite doing a proper patch test several weeks ago, I have several weeping sore patches on my scalp. Not sure if I've just developed more sensitive skin since the last time I had it bleached or my hairdresser has done something wrong.  I've bought some 'purple' shampoo and conditioner in the hope that  the yellow colour will tone down.  I do hope I've not made a big mistake in going blonde again.

OH fitted the 2 new chrome light fittings in the dining hall.  I love them!  But, I didn't realise you can't fit a shade to them.  They're designed to have one of those large fancy vintage looking bulbs so I've had to order some.  The white plastic flex is actually covered in cord so they look a bit retro.  They're a wee bit bent after being shipped in a tiny box.  Hopefully they'll straighten out in time.

So the 2 orange shades I wanted to use are being relocated.  One of them will be used on a lamp base that my lovely mum returned to me.  And the other will go on the light on the upstairs landing.

Today's final 'mistake' was my attempt at marinaded and fried tofu.  Despite pressing it in my tofu press for several hours it still fell to bits when I sliced it.  I managed to get a few neat slices and a pile of crumbs to fry!!  Tastes ok but doesn't look great!

I have another busy week ahead at work *sighs* but there's only 4 weeks until the Easter break! 😎

Sunday, 24 February 2019

Just painting

Last week at work was hectic with extra after school training and a Parents Evening plus our usual gym nights, so I was glad when the weekend arrived.  Although all I've done all weekend is just painting.  But finally the yellow is all gone!  It took 3 flipping coats of white to cover it.

I've just got the skirting boards and door frames left to paint with Satinwood and OH will replace all the white sockets and switches with brushed chrome ones.  Both should be done next weekend and then I'll think about ordering a new carpet (I get paid this week!!)

In order to save money I was going to paint the floorboards on the half landing to match the stairs but I didn't like the test patch I did.  The gap between them was too wide.  OH suggested I stain them with same dye I've used on the window sills throughout the house.

I think that will work better and as I've already got the dye it's free!!  There will be a rug covering most of them anyway.

The 3rd Simone dress I ordered from Fatface arrived.  It has tiny embroidered tulips all over.  I love it!!

In other news, the new chickens have settled in well!  MarmaLady tries to come into the house every morning when I let Emma out and when I get home from work too! Lol!!

The coming week is another busy one at work *sighs* so I'd better get on with organising myself.  Have a good week everyone!

Saturday, 16 February 2019

A spendy day

As you know I rarely go clothes shopping but yesterday I was in town for a haircut and then had an appointment with eldest DS at the Council on Disability to sort out his benefits (still no money from 3rd September!!) I had a few hours to kill between appointments so went shopping for some work clothes.

I picked up 2 Fatface tunics (they look better on me than on the hangers!!), black jeggings and a pair of skinny jeans from M&S and 2 pairs of gym leggings in TK Maxx.  I don't need any more clothes for a while now.

Edited to add:  The tunics are actually the Simone dress and come in loads of different colours.  It's a really flattering shape.  They're on the website I got a 15% off code for myself and any friends cos I've just ordered another one!  It's in the comments. 

I got about 4 inches chopped off the length and generally tidied up.  I've also decided to go back to being blonde and made a further appointment to get my colour sorted out in a few weeks.  I'm not ready yet to embrace my grey mainly because I've still got very dark hair underneath and it just looks drab.

I had a voucher for M&S so picked this fancy rice mix (thanks for the suggestion Joy!) and a few other bits n bobs.

I was actually looking for Caramel Snack a Jacks and found these in Tesco.  At £1 they're 60p cheaper AND guaranteed GF.  Same 41 calories per cake and taste the same.

I also found these own brand G&Ts.  They work out at £1 each which is 75p cheaper than the Gordons brand.  And they're just as nice!  I like to keep some in the fridge for a low calorie treat at the weekend.

The dining room/hall is making slow but steady progress.  I'm encouraged by the changes already. Dark wood really is a bugger to cover!!  I was back at B&Q to get all my light switches and sockets and spent another £100. Gulp!

Luckily I have a clear budget for my clothes and a 'sort of' budget for the dining room.  But it did turn out to be a spendy day in the end.

Thursday, 14 February 2019

Goodbye yellow walls

The yellow walls are slowly disappearing! 🙌

The actual dining room area is covered in heavily embossed wallpaper (on 3 walls) so I tested it to see how easily it would cover.  Not bad actually but will need 2 coats at least.  Emma's a bit fed up with it all so she's going to stay with my son for a couple of days so I don't get dog hairs on the painted bits and she doesn't have white stripes!