Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Hungry teenager at large!

The Teenager loves pizza, especially the stuffed crust variety from a well known chain.  But it's so expensive to buy and so cheap to make.  Last night I made him one and he declared it the best pizza I'd ever made! :-)
The details of how to make it are on my other blog (Click the linky at the top of the page)  Apologies for not posting it here but I have a good reason for the other blog.  All will be revealed when I move ;-)

I made a big batch of tomato sauce to freeze.  It's so versatile, I use it in loads of ways.  With the Teenager now on school holidays I need to have easy filling and cheap ways to stop him being hungry.  And stop him from grazing all day and eating all the food in my fridge.  He's already eaten a week's worth of yogurt in 2 days!!

On impulse I picked up a few boxes of these from the freezer aisle.  They were reduced to 50p as the use by date is August.  Although they don't say suitable for vegetarians there's nothing meat/fish derived in the ingredient list.  I would never pay £1.99 for them but at 50p they're a decent addition to bulk out a stir fry meal.

There's lots happening on the house front.  By the end of the week I hope to post more details.

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