Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Taking a break

Only 4 weeks to go now!! Eeek!  I've been steadily working on sorting and clearing out the house.  It's been physically and emotionally draining.  Bag by bag, box by box I've been letting go of stuff in more ways than one.

Skip is about half full now with garage and garden things.  For example, the above lawn mower is broken.  Has been for years.  So why was it still in the garage?? It's going in the skip!

My mum and the Teenager spent a day sorting out my garden pots and raised beds.  Everything was emptied and cleaned.  The wooden structures of the beds are currently in the garage drying off a bit before painting.  Hopefully there will be time to do them before moving so they can go straight into place and get filled up and planted up for some winter crops as soon as we can.

So even though there's less than a month until Moving Day, I'm taking a wee break.  We're off to Vienna tomorrow to visit my middle son who lives there. The timing could be better but it was arranged before all the house stuff started so I've just had to work with it.

Knowing I was going away I've spent some time re fashioning a few more items of clothing to wear in Vienna.  I've cut off sleeves, changed collars and removed shoulder pads.  I'm taking a wee sewing kit with me as there are a few bits to finish but all the sewing by machine is done.

I was rather pleased to find the above bargains in Sainsbury's at the weekend.  They had all their sports bras reduced.  All 3 cost me a grand total of £10 :-) The purple one on the right was only £1!!  The ones I normally buy are £40 each.  I've no idea how long they'll last but they'll be perfect for gym work and cycling.  Not just food with reduced stickers catches my eye in the supermarket ;-)

As part of the on going streamlining of my finances I finally cancelled my premium club membership of a credit card.  However I still had one voucher left to use from it so got a pack of 5 knickers and a pack of 3 socks in M&S.  Free underwear to add to my bargain underwear.

See you next week :-)


  1. Have a wonderful break in Vienna! Keep up the good work finding bargains.

  2. Thanks! I've asked my son if there are charity shops there so he was going to ask around. Don't know if they have anything similar to us but could be fun looking at flea markets etc in a foreign city :-)