Tuesday, 27 August 2013

What's in your sofa?

I tried very hard to re home my sofa.  But it was so huge I literally couldn't give it away.  So today I phoned the council to get it uplifted at a cost of £24.40.  But it was so big 3 of us couldn't lift it, never mind carry it 1/4 of a mile to the road!!  (my bin lorry doesn't come to the house, another disadvantage of rural living)

So, armed with a saw, bolt cutters, Stanley knife and 2 large screwdrivers me and my mum cut it in half!

It took us 2 hours

But in the end we had 2 halves that were transportable to the top of the drive albeit knackering work!!

Emma photobombing as usual!!

I do feel relieved that it's been dealt with but I feel guilty that it's going to landfill :-(  Hopefully some of it will be recycled as they can see the wood and metal more easily.

On a more positive note the Salvation Army are going to collect 3 wardrobes and 3 chests of drawers.  With most of my excess furniture now dealt with I can crack on with the packing.

Only 6 more sleeps to go!!!!


  1. What a great post to share! I fully understand your feelings about the landfill and about the bin lorry - at my last house it was a mile and a quarter to the bins. This couch tale is surely one that will be recounted with possibly even fond memories many years from now.

    Maybe by the time you read this, it will be only 5 sleeps - happy 'final stuff' packing, looking forward to hearing all about your new life. :)

  2. Oh gosh, it's getting nearer, very fast!

    What's in my sofa - every time I check and hoover it there is lots of dog hair, cat hair and never, ever any money. This finding money down the back of the sofa malarkey has never worked for me .... perhaps I should cut ours in half and have a proper look :-)


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