Thursday, 10 April 2014

Nearly got distracted

I would love one of these in my living room.  Flat, streamlined, efficient, cheaper to run than burning coal and logs in my open fireplace.  My thinking was that when I come in from work on a cold night I could quickly heat one room instead of having the heating on in an empty house just so it's not freezing when I get in.
I got a quote.  £2,600 for fitting the fire (not much difference between gas or electric) plus I'd have extra expense removing the brick fireplace and getting the wall replastered.
There's no way I'd spend that amount of money.  It's easy to get distracted by the thought of saving money in the long term but realistically it would be several years before it paid itself back. I need to think of another plan to make the above fireplace work for me.  To start with I'm thinking of installing a chimney balloon to stop heat loss and maybe boarding it up.  Might put a free standing electric fire in front of it.  Dunno, might look naff so I'm thinking about it.

Spring might finally be here :-)  Since I'm now on holiday I have time to wander round my garden. I spotted this wee ladybird crawling in my soil this morning.

My tree that produces apple like fruit is in full red/orange bloom.  No idea if it's a quince, crab apple or persimmon tree.  Will need to get some advice on it.  Any one recognise it?

Lots of plants are starting flower and lots of wee jobs are needing done in the garden.  Lovely time of year :-)


  1. It's a Japonica and I make apple jelly with it. I usually add a few normal apples to bulk it up a little.

    viv in nz