Friday, 20 June 2014

Meet the teacher

I heard yesterday that I am officially remaining in the same school until January 2015 :-)  Phew!!! That gives me some financial security for a few more months (although I still don't get paid during the summer!)

Today was Meet the Teacher day where each class (as far as possible) spent some time with their new teacher in their new classrooms.  I'll be teaching Primary 2 from August (Year 1 equivalent in England or First Grade in the US, not sure about Australia)  It's the follow on year from the one I'm currently teaching but it's not my class I'm taking on, it's the other Primary 1.  I work closely with my stage partner so I knew the children already as our 2 classes come together for lots of joint activities.

One of the activities I had prepared for today was popping balloons that had questions inside.  Stuff like 'What are you looking forward to in Primary 2?' and 'What do think of your new classroom?'  I'd also put one in that said 'What would you like to know about your new teacher?'

First question was 'Are you a nice teacher?'  Well of course I am! ;-)  Second one was 'Do you have a husband?' When I said I didn't have one any more but I had a boyfriend they thought this was the funniest thing ever!!!  I do love teaching the wee ones :-)

One week left.  WOOHOO!!


  1. Well done Ali, at least you have another six months or so of financial security, and will be able (hopefully) to add to your savings in case there is nothing definite in the new year. Are you able to get some (other) temporary work throughout the summer months or are you planning to spend your time at your new allotment?

  2. I'll be cleaning my house *insert embarrassed face* and doing stuff in the garden/allotment :-)

  3. What a relief, more time on the plot.