Saturday, 17 January 2015

Does this look like cardboard food?

A few of my friends on FB were having a debate re tasteless GF food.  I think they were mainly talking about convenience foods that taste like cardboard.  But my efforts to try to convince them that GF and dairy free food can be tasty fell on deaf ears.  Here's my home made lasagne.  Hand on heart it didn't taste or look that different from my old traditional one.  The beef mince was cooked with onions and carrots in tomatoes, red wine and herbs.  (I added some leftover roasted veg to it too). I made my cauliflower based white sauce, the lasagne sheets were made from corn and rice and I sprinkled grated goats cheese on the top.  It hasn't photographed well but it was really tasty!

An unplanned late night shopping trip with OH scored these yellow stickered bargains!  The salmon was put in the freezer straight away.


I cooked them and served them with some GF red onion gravy I got from Approved Food for pennies.

Another GF and dairy free meal that DIDN'T taste of cardboard!
With some planning and good bargain hunting you can eat very well for less on a restricted diet.  I do not feel deprived in any way and my stomach appreciates not being continually in distress.


  1. Wow!! A bargain with the salmon there!!