Sunday, 8 March 2015

A wee lightbulb moment

Along the way on my frugal journey I have often seen mention of keeping a price book.  I could see the benefits of keeping track of prices but never really GOT the concept. I thought it was useful to see which supermarket had the best price for products I would normally buy.  But it wasn't until I got thinking about how much I was willing to pay for clothes that I wondered the same for food.
After reading this blog post it all began to make sense.  By keeping track of prices and pinpointing when things were a good price or on offer, I could build up my store cupboard at the lowest cost.

And even better, this blogger has downloadable editable spread sheets too!  So guess what I've been doing over the last week? Maybe that's what you've been doing all along!! But sometimes it takes a wee while for things to click with me.  Lol!
And now here's some catch up meals.

My crockpot chicken casserole made with apple juice instead of cider (loosely based on this recipe)  OH reckons it's an even better recipe than the original!

Chicken risotto made with the last onion in the veg basket, a handful of sweetcorn and a piece of chicken breast saved in the freezer from a yellow stickered chicken. 

Lots of leftovers plus a yellow sticky avocado that was perfectly ripe.  Rice and beans, roast veggies, pork loin pieces and egg mayo.  And very tasty it was too!

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