Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Another fruitful day

I had another very productive day yesterday.  I could get used to not working again!  Except I'd be really skint, now and in my retirement.  Ah well! I made 4 large and 1 wee jars of marmalade.  I was brave and potted it while it was still runny but it's cooled to a perfect spreading consistency.  This time I'll remember to put labels on them!!

The plums have been defrosting overnight.  I actually had 6 punnets still lurking in the bottom of my chest freezer, all reduced to 19p or 25p.  They're the 'ripen at home' ones so I guess people have been caught out so many times they've given them a swerve.  Why does some fruit stay hard for so long then overnight go off?? My gain as I'll get a few jars of chutney from them AND I'm going to make a few puddings.

Last night's quick tea after the gym was a speedy chilli.  My lovely mum had got steak mince from the butcher in a 'buy 2 get 1 free' deal.  She gave me the free one :-)  I cooked it with carrot and onions and the above has been portioned into 4.  I added half a tin of baked beans and the remainder of a packet of spices.  I served it with some white rice as it's quicker to cook (and stores longer!) than brown and enjoyed it while catching up on Back in Time for Dinner. 
Anyone else been watching this series on the BBC?  Last night it was the 80s, the decade that taste forgot!! And the most important one in my life.  I was 14 in 1980.  By the end of the 80s I was married with 2 kids and had a mortgage!!!
I digress.  I also spent some time yesterday finalising my price comparison list.  I used my store cupboard essentials list from this post as a starting point and have based all my prices on Sainburys as that's my main store.  It still needs tweaking but I'm pretty pleased with it so far.
It's yet another sunny day here so I'm off outside to work on my garden :-)

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  1. I love that programme, in 1980 I was 20 and married but no kids by the end of the decade I had my two boys ... and no money!!

    It's fascinating watching things develop year by year isn't it, and now they are really speeding up, I think the junk food arriving was the worst thing ever ... I blame Vesta Dried Curries for everything ;-)