Tuesday, 28 April 2015


I'm still working my way through the mega bag of spuds! I shredded the remains of the bargain spring greens and quickly nuked them in the microwave.  I chopped and fried the last onion in the veg basket in a little olive oil until it was soft.

I added them to some leftover mashed potatoes and made some patties.  In Scotland we call them rumbledethumps.  In England it's bubble and squeak.  In Ireland it's called colcannon.  You can also make a large 'pancake' shape and cut it into wedges to serve.  But I like the smaller ones.

I then fried them until they were brown and crispy.  They were delicious with a couple of fried eggs.  I looked up a couple of recipes on Pinterest.  Basically use any leftover cabbage-like veg and mashed potato and add any other leftovers you like. 
The weather has turned cold again, dropping back below freezing some nights.  So eating lots of potato dishes isn't exactly a hardship.  There's still a third of the bag left and a big dish of mash still in the fridge.  And potatoes are naturally gluten free so an easy option for me :-)

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  1. We've had quite a lot of snow up here. It was interesting to see on the news a couple of weeks ago, just how few potatoes each person eats in the UK compared with how much they used to eat a few years ago. Potatoes are increasingly being replaced with rice, pasta etc. I suppose it's easier to prepare and cook rice and pasta rather than having to peel, chop, mash or whatever we do to potatoes.