Friday, 15 May 2015

Read the labels!

I'm an avid label reader anyway but it pays to read the labels on the supermarket shelf too.  I've been buying these basics pineapples for a few years now and have seen the price gradually creep up and up.  I went to pick up a few of my usual tins yesterday and just happened to glance at the other own label pineapples too.

Larger tin so you'd expect a larger price.  But look at the price per kilogram! £1.74 per kg for the basics BUT £1.53 per kg for the own label!!  The 'cheaper' basics range is more expensive!!!

Just as a check I looked at the mandarins.  Basics broken mandarins £2.29 per kg

Own label £2.18 per kg!
Supermarkets are just out to get our hard earned money.  It pays to be one step ahead of them!


  1. Good spot! I agree. Sometimes the brands are cheaper and sometimes the smaller sizes are better value I have found too, I'm an avid label reader!

  2. It does pay to read when I remember to take my glasses.

  3. I always read the price per Kg - cheese is one area the deals aren't always what they seem.

  4. We always check the labels, the bargains are not always the cheapest.