Tuesday, 4 August 2015

A productive day

It's exam results today here in Scotland as thousands of anxious teenagers and their parents find out if they've achieved the grades for university.  I am so proud of The Teenager as he got the 4 Bs he needed to do a degree in Diagnostic Radiology. Tomorrow he begins 3 days of work experience in the radiology department in 2 of Edinburgh's hospitals.  The course he wants to do requires some hospital experience as well as the exam grades.  He can now enjoy a gap year knowing that he has the option to go to university if he wants.  I'm not placing any pressure on him, it's his choice.  Only pressure I'm putting on him is to get a job, paid or voluntary!  I think all young people should experience how hard you have to work for minimum wage.  I had a variety of jobs as a teenager including working in a video shop, a pharmacy and customer services!  I wouldn't say I enjoyed them but it gave me money in my pocket and experience to put on application forms.

In a concerted effort to use what we already have I'm continuing to organise and decorate with what we already have.  I've found a few things in the garage that I'm going reuse in a different way.  Watch this space!

And more reusing. This watch was a 21st birthday gift for my oldest son from an old girlfriend (he's now 28!)  He'd never worn it and gave it to The Teenager.  The strap was too big and the battery needed replacing.  A quick trip into town cost me £8 for a new battery and £9.99 to get it resized.  Similar styles are around £100 so he's got a decent wearable watch for less than £20.
I also put my main sewing machine into the shop to get serviced.  I was gobsmacked that it cost me £89!!  It's not been running well and had never been serviced in the 10 years I've had it so hopefully I'll see a huge difference when I get it back. Then I can get on with some curtain making, again using fabrics I already have in my comedy cupboard. 
I had a gift card for Waterstones so treated The Teenager to a graphic novel.  He had a gift card for Next so got himself 2 work shirts and a tie.  Cost us nothing!
All in all, a productive day so far and it's only 3pm :-)


  1. I agree. When DS finished Uni, he had to wait a year for his girlfriend to finish. During that year, he worked 5 days away for a neighbour who is a professional gardener. He was dead on his feet at the end of every day but enjoyed it, the money and the muscles! They are now married and both in very good jobs, doing what they wanted to do.