Sunday, 3 January 2016

Yellow sticker jackpot

Tonight I had to pop into Sainsbury's to get something for my son. And I timed it perfectly!  It was awash with yellow stickers :-) The above cost me £10.44, full ticket price should have been £41.96.  I took what I knew I could use and left a lot of other yellow sticker goodies.

Bread 24p, 2 x giant crumpets 19p each, flatbread 24p and 8 croissants 39p.  All lunch/supper ideas for The Teenager to munch on after work and all freezable.
Cherries 49p, pineapple slices 49p, celeriac 14p, spring onions 24p, baby peppers 39p, 4 nectarines 89p and 2 avocados 44p.  All perfectly good and will used in the next day or so.
4 packs of responsibly sourced raw king prawns 89p each.  This was my biggest saving as the full price should have been £3.50!!  They're now in the freezer.
2 x veg spring rolls 49p each and broccoli quiche 49p for The Teenager, turkey and ham hock with parsnip rosti and a cranberry and orange sauce 49p and pork mince 59p for me although the parsnip rosti has wheat breadcrumbs so I'll be giving that to him too.
The turkey and ham hock couldn't be frozen so I put the meat through a stir fry with the spring onions (and peas and egg) and served the cranberry sauce on the side with some leftover cooked Mediterranean veggies.  It was rather tasty if an unusual combination!
I'm now going to dry fry the pork mince and drain the fat off before freezing it in portions.  I'm finding it easier to cook meat first and then freeze it.  It makes it quicker to pull together a quick meal at the end of a long day at work.


  1. Well done on your haul. I did manage a couple of goodies after Christmas, but unfortunately could not take advantage of much due to lack of freezer space.

  2. Ooh you lucky thing, some great bargains, I absolutely love raw king prawns. Well, I like them cooked of course ;-)

  3. Oh how I wish our supermarket did those yellow sticker bargains.

  4. It was just luck! On Friday they had nothing, tonight they had loads. They also had some pork and beef joints reduced but I have a beef one in the freezer so didn't need any. A bargain's only a bargain if you need it

  5. Beat you - on Sunday I popped in our local Morrisons at 3pm and got £34 worth of goodies for £3.10! I did a post about it on my blog, as I also got lots of free pots from the tip on the same day :-)