Friday, 15 April 2016

Filling the polytunnel

Over the last few days I've rounded up and thoroughly cleaned my collection of pots and have started to fill the polytunnel.  I haven't decided what the best layout is yet so for this year I'll stick to pots and growbags while I do my research. I might build a raised bed, I might not.  If anyone has any tips I'd be grateful if you shared them.

These strawberry plants came from my mum's garden. I'll be putting them in a growbag and comparing the yield with my outside ones.

So far I've planted a couple of lettuces, radishes, spinach, squash, peppers, pumpkins, courgettes and peas.  And sweet peas!  (not all pictured)  I've run out of compost so will need to twist The Teenager's arm to come with me to get more. He's got the muscle to lift and shift stuff for me :-)

I found a bag of these labels which I got free with something, can't remember what.  I stuck on some Frog masking tape and made some eye catching plant markers.

I planted my rhubarb crown in the space between the polytunnel and the fence but Emma immediately went to investigate what I'd done and trampled all over it.  Grrr!! I hope it survives . I stuck in some bamboo canes to stop her going back up there until it establishes itself.

The chickens are fascinated by the polytunnel and kept peering in while I was inside.  Then they 'shouted' at me for ages.  Funny wee things!


  1. Im trying to persuade hubby to make me a raised bed inside my greenhouse. I feel I will get more use of the space as I can then grow lettuce or spring onions in the spaces between the tomatoes instead of just having a dozen or more tubs in there. Lets hope we get some decent heat soon to bring all the veg on. :)

  2. I see a lot of big polytunnels having raised beds, I just wondered if it was worth doing cos mine is a wee one. I'd be interested to know how you get on. And yep, where's the sun???

  3. Hi - just found your blog, looks really interesting and up our street. Subscribing :)