Wednesday, 27 April 2016

More progress

Maybe I spoke too soon in suggesting Spring has arrived.  Today we've had sunshine, rain, sleet, snow and wind!  Today was a non working day and I had hoped to get more of my shed painted before assembling it.  But so far all I've managed is to paint the sides and door (twice) before running out of pink paint.  I've still got some blue left over from the raised beds and green from the fence so it'll now end up being a multi coloured shed!

Things are growing in the polytunnel.  My spinach, peas and courgettes are now showing leaves.  I get ridiculously excited every time I go in to see what's popped up next.  I've got some Growbags now with tomato plants, 3 cherry tomatoes (Moneymaker) and 3 plum tomatoes (Roma).  Some for salads and some for sauce.

I've planted the runners from my lovely Mum's strawberries.  They came from her old allotment.  I now have some outside and inside.  It'll be interesting to see if the polytunnel ones produce earlier and how many I get.

I made a big slowcooker batch of Chicken Cacciatore.  Very healthy but very tasty and only 2 SmartPoints per chicken breast. Total weight loss is now 6kg (13lbs) with 5kg to go.  People at work have noticed and commented on the loss mainly because my clothes are looser!  Now there's a good excuse to spend some money on eBay!! ;-)


  1. love the multi coloured shed you will have, I was going to paint then inside of mine pink, but once it was built, I just wanted to use it.

  2. I cooked a pork in the slow cooker at the weekend. Lots of meals will come from that. I must look up a ciacatorre recipe. Sounds ideal for us as we strive to lose weight.

    1. My version is just chicken breasts, onion, garlic, peppers browned/fried in one cal spray then add a carton of chopped tomatoes, a splash of balsamic vinegar and enough water to almost cover chicken. Think I did it about 3 hours on High. Really easy and really tasty


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