Monday, 11 April 2016


It's just a wee one cos I can't afford a proper greenhouse but finally I've got a polytunnel! :-) Length 2.5m x 2m wide and is 2m high.  It cost me £48.90 from Ebay with free delivery.  I watched loads of Youtube videos of people buying similar ones and what they thought about the quality.  I picked up lots of tips re digging trenches etc to anchor it to the ground.

It was pretty straightforward to construct by myself.  I only needed The Teenager to help me lift it into place and pull the plastic over it as he's much taller than me!!

I dug a trench all around the sides to bury the overhanging plastic.  I weighted it down with bricks then filled it in again.  I find digging very sore on my back so I took my time with this bit.

I've also strategically placed some big pots to help anchor it down too.  I had a bit of leftover scaffolding plank that was exactly the right size for a 'doormat' to weigh down the excess flap of the door.  I think I'll paint it with my pink paint! ;-)

And here's the view from above.  It backs onto the chicken run so might protect them a bit from the wind and rain.

Now I need to get a move on with my plants and seeds and fill it up with veggies :-)


  1. That is very exciting! My hubby is just building us a greenhouse and we just put our chicken house in place yesterday but have to wait a couple of weeks to get our chickens. Are yours rescue ones? We hope our will be.

  2. I'm thinking about chickens at the mo and they will defo be rescue ones when I get them however I don't think it's the right time because of all our travel plans etc so may have to wait a while. Your poly tunnel is the buisness.

  3. Not rescue girls as I had no previous experience of chicken keeping and wanted the security of going back to the farm to ask about any problems. Now I've got more confidence I will definitely have rescue hens from now on!

  4. I love your little polytunnel :-)

    It'll give you a head start on outside growing for sure and the chickens will be fascinated to see you moving about in there!!