Tuesday, 28 June 2016

On holiday!

This was me on my staff night out :-)  I'm now officially on holiday for 2 months.  For some reason this year our school summer holiday is a bit longer.  I'm guessing the other holidays will be shorter as a result.  I now have 8 weeks to get my house and garden into some sort of order and fit in a trip to Ireland in the campervan.

My shed is now built and in place but I think it needs a third coat of pink paint to look a bit better. OH worked really hard to get the bits to fit together!! I'm really pleased with how the pink and blue paint look together.  The weeds will be tackled again today!

I've been doing some shopping on eBay and have managed to get a few good bargains for some jobs around the house.  This morning I got a pair of lined curtains for my bedroom for £9! My plan is to get as much done as possible through the holiday so that when I start my new job in August I can devote the time needed to it and not my house.

Off to B&Q now for paint and other DIY sundries!


  1. Enjoy your two months 'holiday' .... it sounds like you are going to be busy :-)

  2. Enjoy your holiday and Ireland :)