Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Quick job update

I have finally had my job position explained to me not by HR but by the finance officer to my school's cluster.  In a nutshell, my headteacher and I were given the WRONG advice re the job share situation by the head of HR!! Turns out HR have not handled my permanency application correctly.  And the powers that be have agreed that I have done everything correctly by the book and they should rectify THEIR mistakes.

So, I have the right to a permanent full time job subject to an interview.  Yeay!!

But, as there is now a full time permanent vacancy within my school I can apply for it along with all the other temporary teachers in my area looking for a permanent post *sighs*

However, I WILL get an interview by my current headteacher (ie the one who has rejected me twice after an interview but insists I am a good teacher) and will be considered for BOTH posts within the same interview.  Kinda yeay!

Soooo, I will have a full time permanent post in 2 weeks either permanent supply (where I do absence cover in the 5 schools within my cluster for a year) or the job I already have on permanent contract.

I'm not going to lie and say I'd be happy with either post.  I want my own job.  I have the support of my colleagues and by coincidence I had a conversation with the parent of a pupil I had last year who reminded me that I have the ongoing support of the parents too.  That really made me happy and a wee bit tearful if I'm honest!

Interview is on the 22nd of June.  I've asked our depute head to coach me in interview skills (he's a whizz on educational jargon which is my weak spot) and I'll be spending as much time as I can reading up on sample questions.  I REALLY WANT THIS JOB! :-)


  1. good luck. it is becoming increasingly common that HR people do not know their own jobs !! if they don't , who does ???

  2. Fingers crossed for you, and thank goodness they realised their mistake in time for you to apply!

  3. excellent news, fingers (and toes) crossed. X

  4. Sending all my positive thoughts to one of my dearest friends - you go girl, we're all behind you xx

  5. Brilliant news, I have everything crossed for you ... if anyone deserves this YOU do!!

  6. Good luck. Hopefully you get the one you want most! x