Friday, 5 August 2016

Meal prep 2

When I was tidying/decluttering my study I discovered some M&S reward vouchers in my mail pile.  I think they were from around Christmas.  I wasn't well then so probably 'filed' them for later.  They were worth £15. So yesterday I 'spent' them on a chicken, 1.5kg of minced beef and 2 lamb leg steaks.  All yellow stickered so I got £21 worth of meat for £14.34. I made bolagnais sauce and taco mince with the beef.  They're all portioned up and in the freezer already.

I used my new containers for the taco style meal, slightly undercooking the rice ;-) Not all the lids sat flush on the containers but perfectly ok for freezing.  I noticed some of the feedback on Amazon said they leaked when taken to work.  Obviously you need a tupperware type container if you want leakproof transportation but since these are evening meals for me it wasn't an issue.

This one wasn't frozen (I'm not sure freezing GF pasta will work) so will be testing the reheating tonight.

I cooked the chicken in my slowcooker and then made soup with the resulting stock and some of the smaller 'pickings' from the carcass.  It'll go into my plastic mugs to freeze today.  I chopped up the chicken to make chicken lasagne tomorrow for a special family dinner.

So I got 11 individual meals from the minced beef, 2 from the lamb (I'm making a wee lamb stew today), 6 generous lunch servings of chicken and rice soup and I'll feed 6 people from the chicken.  All free just from using my M&S credit card reward vouchers.


  1. I did go and look at them, but couldn't see if they were suitable for conventional ovens too.

    1. I checked their US site and they can only be used in a microwave

  2. Thanks Ali :) No microwave here, but they're a good idea, especially for portion control.


  3. Brilliant trays .... and even more brilliant that the meals you've prepared are almost free. Thank goodness M&S coupons have a long date on them :-)

  4. What an excellent idea I love those trays. They would be fabulous for when I am on my own and dont feel like cooking for one only. Great idea. I may have to steal this! Thank you for the inspiration

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