Thursday, 2 February 2017

2017 Budgets

Last year I overspent my clothing budget by £34.  I wasn't too upset as I did replace some really old clothes and shoes which should last me a few good years.  And I'd committed to buying/making clothes that were environmentally friendly so that made a few purchases more expensive.

I'm sticking to the same £500 budget as that worked out to be a pretty accurate number for my needs.  So I've kicked off my year by buying 3 balls of sock yarn.  Handmade socks last for years.  I have a pair that get worn once a week in winter that are now 13 years old!  They were my first ever hand knitted socks.  In the photo above the purpley yarn (Passion fruit cooler) and green yarn (Mojito) are made in Yorkshire using 35% Bluefaced Leicester fleece 😎 Have a look here at West Yorkshire Spinners for all their yarns. So far they're knitting up beautifully.  I'm trying to knit every day to help me relax and de stress at the end of the day!

For the first time I'm going to keep a track of how much I spend on my garden this year.  I grow stuff not just to save money but to eat produce that hasn't travelled hundreds of miles or been sprayed with chemicals.  And it's good for my well being spending time outside! I'm not planning on spending on anything big (although I might buy another raised bed, I'm undecided atm) so hopefully it shouldn't be a big number.  I have a wee polytunnel, 3 raised beds, lots of ceramic pots, potato bags and loads of small plant pots.  I've been watching a few YouTube channels including this one on growing veggies and am keen to try growing carrots, leeks and potatoes in 10 litre pots.  So I've ordered 20 recycled black pots from eBay to add to my container gardening.

Now I just need to narrow down my seed choices and hopefully get started soon.

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  1. I have recorded my spend on gardening, and craft for a couple of years, I find it too easy to pop things into my basket, against each spend I put of note of what it was I purchased.