Wednesday, 9 January 2019


A Scots word used to mean that you are world weary, down-trodden, and thoroughly bereft of any lust for life when these words and expressions are simply too inadequate to signify the magnitude of your slide into "shitdom".  (Urban dictionary meaning)

And tonight I have a thumping headache that won't shift.

I did go back to school on Monday with a positive attitude and was ready for the new term but some of my colleagues (who I actually have good relationships with) have done a few strange things that have left me both annoyed and a bit upset.  I haven't fallen out with anyone but I'm really rather pissed off and definitely scunnered already.  I spoke to another colleague tonight who had also noticed what I did.  So it's not just me.  Phew!

So it's head down, get on with teaching and avoid the drama that others seem to enjoy creating *sighs*

Hopefully an early night will help my mood 😴


  1. Some people thrive on drama unfortunately. I hated the politics in the workplace and am very glad to be away from it all now. When I meet ex colleagues still working I'm even more glad to be away from it when I hear their stories! Hope you feel better after an early night. Only two sleeps till the weekend :D x

  2. Typical new start in January! I’m sure some people come to work as a sport-colleague baiting would be a good name for it! Mt daughter is praying that two of her colleagues will take a package in FE if it is offered as they moan all day long about their hard life, and how they would grab a package with both hands-aye right! Strikes are looming in all sectors of education and, I know from bitter experience of the stress that causes among colleagues. Two days til the weekend and time to do other things.

  3. Some things never change! You're right to keep your head down, get on with your job and watch your back!!

  4. Hoping things settle down. It's not nice to have an 'atmosphere' in the workplace.

  5. There is always someone, which is OK if you can distance yourself from them. I hope things improve.

  6. Hi from a fellow Scottish blogger! Hope you are feeling a bit less scunnered now!