Wednesday, 13 February 2013

I passed!!

For the last year I have been studying.  Yesterday was the final day of the course and I passed!  I now have my COSCA Counselling Skills certificate.  My original intention was to go on and do further training to become a counsellor but I've decided not to continue atm.  My life is just too busy and the special people in my life need my fullest attention.

At the end of each module (there were 4) we always had a shared lunch where everyone contributes something.  Yesterday I made a chickpea and pepper salad and an egg mayo salad.  Mainly as that's what I had lurking in the fridge and storecupboard!! Both were delicious and there was only a wee bit left for me to take home for my supper!

A late visit to the supermarket last night after the gym scored a few bargains.  Not been lucky for a while.  I got 4 organic lemons (10p), a papaya (10p), organic broccoli (10p), Greek basil (10p), dwarf beans (10p), 6 free range eggs (54p), organic double cream (29p) and a quiche (59p)

Another lucky bargain find was a dog guard for my car.  Emma needs to be contained as she jumps around inside.  So far she's been in a crate but really it was too small as she's now fully grown.  I had been searching for one but they were all so expensive.  Then I spotted this RAC one in a factory outlet reduced to £15 as it was the last one.  It's now fitted and both dogs can safely travel in the back of my car :-)

Now my studying is done I can concentrate on my tartan stuff again.  I need to decide if I'm going to go large and attend a few of the bigger craft fairs/events this year.  I'm going on a course on the 23rd/24th Feb to do something rather exciting.  More details to follow ;-)


  1. CONGRATULATIONS! That's great news, you must be delighted and relieved!

    Can't wait to hear details of your 2-day course, sounds exciting! :)

  2. Congratulations and well done indeed - your lunch looked lovely!

  3. Congrats! Well done, it's such a good feeling to have successfully finished something. That chickpea salad looks delish! I'm going to try something similar. Thanks for sharing.