Monday, 20 April 2015

Back to school organisation

OH gave me this fab whiteboard from his office when it closed and it's been languishing in my study for ages.  At the weekend we finally put it up on the wall (the one in the kitchen that's still to be painted!!) It's a big one (120cm by 90cm) and useful, but was a bit boring.  So after scrubbing it clean, I jazzed it up with some green washi tape.  I put some round the edge and divided it into 3 sections - a 'Don't Forget!' bit, The Teenager's stuff and a space for my stuff.  He's got his exam dates on his already (eek!) and I've got this week's work meetings and 2 urgent things to do.
I cleaned out an empty can to keep the dry wipe pens and decorated it with more washi tape (recycled whiteboard and pen container!) You're starting to see how my classroom is organised ;-)  This makes me feel organised so hopefully I will be more organised.  I'm a visual person in that I've got see it to remember it.

So first day back at work went well.  The kids were tired by 3pm!  I made sure I left by 5pm and went for a wee run when I got home as it was a nice evening.  These are my lovely shiny new shoes, a present from OH.  They're Saucony Powergrid Cortana 3 running shoes.  They should have been £139.99!!! They were reduced to £49.99 as they're last year's model *rolls eyes*  Who would pay that amount just to wear the latest model??  They are very comfortable and very light.  Sadly they didn't make me run any faster!
This term I'm determined to be more organised and not get stressed by our impeding visitors.  We're all trying to master that elusive work/life balance.  My colleagues are all trying to eat healthily and exercise, always easier to do in the summer term when the nights are lighter for longer.


  1. It's not how fast you run, it's all about going for a run in the first place :) You'll soon feel fitter and better the more you go :) I love the little pen pot!

  2. I do not understand the thought of having to have 'latest' colours of things. I used to work for a cycle retailer and the bikes all come out in 'this year's colours' - the price difference was quite remarkable. I bought an 'out of date' bike a couple of years ago for at least £50 less, and have also bought 'last year's trainers' when we were doing the Moonwalks. Loving the pot and the whiteboard.