Friday, 24 April 2015

Thank crunchie...'s Friday!!  It's been a busy full on week back at school.  But I've stuck to my plan of being in at 8am and home by 5pm each night.  There gets a point where my brain just won't function so it's not worth hanging around.  So far I've not done any work at home but I have brought my forward plans to work on over the weekend.
I popped into the supermarket last night after the gym and snapped up a few yellow stickers :-) This 7.5kg  bag of potatoes was reduced to 50p!!!

A huge pizza for less than £1!

A bag of spring greens that are actually 3 small cabbages for 20p.  I also got 2 large sliced wholemeal loaves for 19p each.  They're already frozen for the Teenager to make sandwiches.
Grand total £2.02
When I came home tonight I found a box on my doorstep.  I ordered something I've wanted for a while but was waiting to find the best price.  Even the Teenager is keen on this item.
I'll post pics tomorrow ;-)

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