Friday, 3 April 2015

One year older but any wiser?

It's been a busy 2 weeks.  It was my birthday so I've been in a reflective mood.  Next year I will be 50.  I genuinely don't feel my age in my head but my body says otherwise!! That's why I work so hard at staying as fit and healthy as I can.  The Teenager always tells me I act like I'm in 30s so I'm doing something right!!
I'm now on holiday for 2 weeks.  It's been a long term at school.  All staff are simply exhausted.  We now know when our return visit from HMI will be so we're gearing up for that.  Our Headteacher instructed us to have a proper holiday then return fully refreshed.  In reality most us will be doing some work stuff over the holiday and I'm actually going into school one day next week just to tidy up and put new frieze paper on the walls.
Because I have so little free time during the week and even at weekends, I've decided not to renew my allotment lease :-(  It was not cleared last summer as promised by the council and I just don't have the time to clear it myself at the moment.  It wasn't worked for several years before I got it last year so is thick with weeds and overgrown rasps.  It's just too much work for one person.  I'm sad about it but it's the sensible thing to do.  Maybe I am a bit wiser!
So I'm concentrating on my raised beds at the front and am creating a 3m x 3m veg patch at the back.  I'm also finally getting my chickens!!  That makes me very happy :-)


  1. Hope you had a lovely birthday.

    You are very wise to give up the allotment if you can't give it the time and energy that it needs to be just maintained. You can grow an amazing amount in a raised bed if you plan it well and utilise it fully. Just growing your own herbs and salad leaves will save you a fortune over the course of the Summer.

    Glad to hear you're getting some chickens too. You'll have so much fun with them ... and eggs!!

  2. 50 isn't so bad and I speak from personal experience, being a few months older than you. :) How exciting for you to be finally getting your chickens. Do pop back into the forums to let us know how things are going if you ever get a spare minute. :)

  3. Happy birthday Ali; I too agree that 50 is not that bad - being around a year ahead of NYK in Frugaldom!! Such a shame about the allotment but a very sensible decision - after all you thought you would not be working full time when you applied for it. There will be plenty of time in the future for such pastimes, how lovely to have your own chickens, can't wait to see the photos!

  4. Belated Birthday greetings! I am also 50 next year, and sort of dreading it but excited at the same time! I don't blame you for giving up your allotment, sounds as though you have enough to keep you very busy, and better that it goes to someone who has the spare time to do all that hard, physical work. It will be yours one day I'm sure, and I have chickens so know you will be plenty busy with them!!