Tuesday, 16 February 2016

About 70% back to health

I went back to work yesterday even though I'm still not well. I'm probably back to about 70% today.  I spent most of last week in bed or resting on the sofa.  In 7 days I left the house twice.  Yet another holiday lost to illness, nothing achieved except trying to get healthy.  Maybe by the time the Easter holidays are here I'll be well again!!

I popped into Sainsbury's on the way home from the gym tonight (very gentle session!)  I didn't need anything but picked up a few treats.  Cheese for me and crisps, doughnuts and trifle all for The Teenager. I didn't pay full price for anything.

In preparation for going to back to work I made a huge batch of bolagnaise sauce - beef mince, carrots, onions, celery and red lentils.  I costed each portion at 80p. I made 10 portions and froze them, ready for adding to lunches and dinners with the SmartPoints marked on them.  I'm slowly losing the weight, so far I've lost almost 4kg/8lbs.  Slow and steady.  I should reach my first target of 6kg by my birthday next month!


  1. Well done :) Hope you feel 100% soon Ali. Isn't your freezer tidy? lol


  2. My daughter is doing her PGCE in a school and so far since last Sept she has been ill every school holiday!! I've also just recovered from a nasty stomach bug - vile at the time but it's got my diet back on track.

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