Monday, 8 February 2016


Well, I didn't even make it until the holidays to be really sick. I had to call in sick to work today, the first time for years :-(  Luckily just 2 staff development days so the kids aren't affected.  Then I'm on holiday from Wednesday.

This nasty virus has gone deep into my chest causing a nasty cough. Again!  Medical advice is just plenty of fluids and rest *rolls eyes*

Since the last time I was sick (over the Christmas holidays) I've tried lots of preventive measures but my wee class is just full of bugs with most of my kids being off school at some point this term.  I had 5 off last week.

Someone suggested the flu jab might give me some protection.  I'm not sure about it but will investigate it as I'm really rather pissed off at being so ill again.


  1. Oh crap :( Hope you feel better soon and the weather improves which should help a bit.

  2. Hope you are feeling better today, it's bloody cold and windy out there so you are better off in the warm.

  3. Hope you feel better soon, the flu jab will help as might the pneumococcal one too if you have a weak chest x

  4. Hi love your blog. Just to say that a flu jab will not protect you from bugs and viruses just whatever strain of flu it's geared to for this year. However I have written a post on my blog about Matcha green tea and my lack of colds bugs etc for the past 18 months or so. It's not cheap but I swear it's why I've been so healthy. Have a read it might help you. Best wishes Wendy PS my blog is in its infancy so only a few posts as yet.

  5. My husband reckons he was worse than ever last year after the flu jab. However, he's had just as many colds and bugs this year without the jab!! Get well soon. This Scottish weather isn't helping and we didn't have a summer up here last year.

  6. I suspect the flu jab might not be the answer. And yep, our Scottish weather has been particularly wet!

    The biggest issue is my 19 germ loaded kids. After this half term I'm really going to town on hand washing routines and tissue hygiene. Recently 2 kids actually coughed into my face when I was working with them. Basically I'm teaching them manners!!