Monday, 24 April 2017


No posts for a week, must be back at work *rolls eyes* Only 4 days last week but by Friday night I had a huge migraine that lingered all weekend.  Back to normal then.

One of my colleagues (similar age to me) was absent last week.  When she came back today she told us she'd been hospitalised with breathing difficulties and they found she had high blood pressure and an enlarged heart!!! She's slim and goes hill walking for fun.  She eats healthily and keeps fit.  So not lifestyle in her case.  She told me I should get my blood pressure checked!

I must confess I've not had it checked for a few years.  Or my cholesterol (which runs high in my family)  So I'm hoping that giving up coffee, sugar and alcohol along with gluten and dairy will have some benefits!!  I'm hoping that all the gym work and yoga will have a positive effect too.  I'll make an appointment to get everything checked.

Oh, and I've got a sprained ankle.  Properly turned over on it yesterday coming down a hill. Resting isn't an option so I'm hobbling about on it.

Healthy??  Pfft!


  1. Ouch! I hope the ankle feels better soon.

  2. Oh no. Pain is the worst - I'm doing everything better these days but still end up with joint pain.
    Hoping the migraines and ankle pain disappear!