Wednesday, 2 January 2019

Review of 2018 Goals

I like to look back at the previous year's goals before I set myself new ones.  I call them goals rather than resolutions as they're something to plan and work towards.

So how did 2018's realistic goals work out?  Full details on the goals HERE and my thoughts on them below in bold.

1.  Keep decluttering my house BUT do it one room at a time instead of everywhere at the same time.   Yep, this definitely helped me stay focused.  This goal is a keeper this year.

2.  Keep eating sensibly. I did The Body Coach 90 Day Plan and lost 10lbs before going to Australia but sadly I've put it back on as the plan isn't sustainable for me. I do eat sensibly, I just eat too much!!

3.  Exercise.  For various reasons we didn't make it to the gym as regularly last year, one of them was due to OH's busier work schedule.  When he's away I just don't go on my own.

4.  Switch off from work.  This keeps on improving and I definitely do less school prep at home.

5.  Grow my own fruit and veg.  I grew some things but deliberately didn't spend any money on seeds or plants as I knew we'd be away for 3 weeks during the main growing time. I used up all the seeds I had and left it to luck. 

6.  Decorate/modernise the house on a tighter budget.  Yep, been doing that successfully.

7.  Stick to my clothing budget.  I under spent for the second year in a row and have carried the £10.84 forward to add to this year's £500 total.

8.  Save as much money as possible each for 2 huge events this year.  Yep, went to Australia and bought a flat for my son.

I'm really pleased at how my goals turned out.  I think I achieved most of what I set out to do.  So using that info I now need to plan my 2019 goals.


  1. It's brilliant to look back and see if you stayed on track or if you need to reaccess your targets. We'll fine.

    1. I've always liked to see them written down and blogging has made it easier for me :-)

  2. Hello agai, Ali. Google wouldn’t let me post for a few days-happens sometimes. You are doing well with last years goals and certainly keeping on track with your minimum spend decorating. I need to get the healthy eating back on track properly very soon as I am feeling a bit sluggish due to overcarbing. Enjoy the weekend and stick to the no homework rule! X

    1. That's annoying about Google!!

      The whole woodburner saga really made me focus hard on keeping decorating costs down. I'm actually enjoying that challenge :-) xxx