About me

Hi, I'm Ali.  I'm a 58yo single mum to 3 boys/men 37, 33 and 25.

When life doesn't turn out the way you planned, you've got 2 choices.  Stay down or get back up on your feet.  Rather than focus on what I’ve lost, I now focus on what I’ve gained.  Independence!  I have 3 lovely grown up boys and 2 beautiful daughters in law.  

I'm a huge dog lover and have owned several Labradors (plus one Golden Retriever) most of my adult life.  In Aug 23 I got a new Lab puppy called Luna who became seriously ill and wiped out a huge chunk of my savings in vet fees 🐕

I retired early from a job I loved/hated (depends when you ask me!) teaching 4 and 5 year olds.  I have my own wee house mortgage free, no debt and I even have some savings.  However, I don’t have much of a pension due to years of part time teaching so I am careful with my money.  I saved hard for my early retirement from education.

I love cooking from scratch and have embraced the challenge of eating foods that have not been ultra processed.  I can knit, sew and turn my hand to most DIY tasks.  Just as well as this house needs a lot of work before I put it on the market in 2024!

Thanks for visiting 😊