Thursday, 31 December 2020

Get stuffed 2020!


Oh how I started the year naively thinking I'd be closer to my retirement goals and finally enjoying the life I wanted.  Even without Covid, this year has sucked for my family. Organising funerals in the midst of a pandemic wasn't nice.  Clearing out a hoarder's house definitely wasn't nice.  My youngest son's relationship broke down and he moved back home. Not nice for him.  And I finally severed ties with someone who just couldn't be a friend once our relationship had ended.  So yeah, 2020 can do one!!

But since I'm not a negative Nelly I can acknowledge the positives that have come from this year.  Like many others I have been forced to slow down and reassess what is important.  And practise gratitude for what I do have. Throughout the year my job was secure and my family stayed Covid free.

I can now look back at my 2020 goals and realise I have achieved some of them, to some degree.  

1.  I did work out a retirement plan then changed it, several times!  I'm changing stages in school next year and have committed another 2 years to my school.  So I'm still teaching but I have a few other things in the pipeline.

2.  My son is currently living in the extended part of the house so we'll see how the Air BnB concept 'could' work.

3.  I managed to save then spent my savings!!  Ah well!

4.  I did reclaim my back garden from the chickens.  It's a work in progress but it's much better than it was.

5.  Gigantic FAIL!  Neither fit nor healthy atm but I'm working on it.

6.  I did grow more fruit and vegetables thanks to my new allotment!

7.  I've made a few permanent changes that will help but I could definitely do a lot more.

I really have no ideas what my 2021 goals are yet.  Obviously to stay healthy and Covid free is in there, plus growing more stuff on my allotment.  I'll have a think and read what other people are planning.  But right now 2020 can get stuffed!!

Sunday, 13 December 2020

Hanging on...

Just 7 and a half teaching days left until the Christmas holidays!  We're all just hanging on for dear life!!  Despite the data from Public Health Scotland suggesting some types of schools are more likely to have outbreaks, my school is bucking the trend and so far we've had zero positive cases of Covid.  Staff, kids and parents have been following all the safety rules and it seems to be working.  It does hang over us all the time but it's worth it if we can keep this up.

In the midst of teaching in a pandemic and still dealing with my uncle's 'stuff,'  I did manage to get my wee downstairs shower room renovated.




It took longer than planned as they found a few issues including the outside wall having no insulation!  They fixed that but it means the rest of the extended part of the house probably doesn't have any either 😲 So that's on my list for next year.  I've been told there are grants available for insulation so I'll investigate it.  As much as I love my new shower room I won't be using it.  It's mainly for visitors and guests (my guest room is downstairs) and for my son who is living in the extended part of the house for now.  But it does make me want to update my stuck in the 1980s bathroom upstairs!! 😄

Sunday, 22 November 2020

Still here, still busy!


Happy Stir up Sunday!  Sadly I haven't been making my Christmas pudding today as per tradition.  Mainly because I'm up to my eyeballs in report writing and clearing my downstairs bathroom ready for some long overdue building work.  I'm still dipping in and out of blogland but life is just too hectic to bore you all with how busy I am.  Doing boring stuff mainly.  Hey ho!

I popped down to the allotment this morning.  It's doing well for November.  I did manage to plant some garlic as well as do a little weeding.  I was just grateful that the polytunnel has survived the high wind and heavy rain of the last few weeks.

I put my Christmas tree up yesterday.  And so have loads of my friends.  It's been that kind of year!!

I do hope you are all well in the current circumstances.  I'm living in a tier 4 area, which means everything is shut except essential businesses and schools.  I'm not even going to get started on that one *sighs* 

Stay safe lovely people 💖 xxx

Tuesday, 6 October 2020

How much???


It's been a while since I've had to hire a skip (7 years to be exact) but I was rather shocked to find there's been a huge increase in cost.  I've just hired one for 7 days to clear my uncle's house and it will cost us £378!!!!

If I lived in the same council area I would just keep filling my car (or hire a van) and go to the recycling centre.  At least then I could sort it into the different materials.  But the recycling centre where he lived isn't fully open yet and only residents' cars (which are pre registered) can book a recycling slot.

So most of the stuff has to be skipped 😖 I'll sort and donate as much as I can but as charity shops aren't taking donations either, we're a bit stuck.  And we're now under a wee bit of time pressure from HM Revenue and Customs!  The government always get their money first!!! Good job I'm nearly on holiday and can get cracking.

On the plus side, I've spoken to yet another long lost cousin 😊

Sunday, 4 October 2020

Even my tired is tired


I know it's been over a month since I blogged.  And it's not for the lack of 'stuff' to blog about.  I'm just so tired all the time that I don't want to whinge or moan.

Work pretty much sucks all my time and energy.  My wee people deserve the best from me and my profession is one of the few that has job security so I'm not going complain about that.  We are living in very unusual times and I'm giving myself (and you) permission to deal with it however it needs to be done.

Lots of 'stuff' has been going on last month.  My youngest son (the newly qualified radiographer) has returned home to live after splitting with his girlfriend.  He's living in the extended part of the house that I'd intended to become the Air BnB.  We're treating it like a test run so I can see how/if it would work.  We're sharing the kitchen but other than that it can be pretty self contained.  No idea yet how long he'll stay but he's saving up for a deposit on a flat/house in Glasgow.

I mentioned during the summer that my uncle died suddenly and that I was the one sorting out his affairs.  I didn't say at the time that it was a huge legal mess plus he was a hoarder.  And I mean like one of those hoarder's houses you see on tv!!  It's taken all this time to track down some long lost family (we had to use a tracing agent!) and I am now legally allowed to start clearing out his house.  I also know a lot more about our Scottish laws of succession and how NOT to write a will!  On the plus side, I'm now back in contact with one of my cousins who I've not seen since I was 4!!

My allotment is plodding along nicely.  It's still my favourite place to go and just chill.  I've put in some Winter and Spring veg and it's gradually getting tidied up.  I'm on half term holiday very soon for 2 weeks so hope to get my polytunnel cleared and secured for the bad weather.  

I have 4 more teaching days  (and 1 non contact day) then I'm on holiday.  I cannot wait! 

Monday, 7 September 2020

Wise words

Last week I removed myself from someone's life.  Someone I thought was my future.  I should have done it a year ago but I wasn't able to at the time.  Today this popped up on my FB feed and it felt so appropriate! I feel no guilt what so ever.

When someone disrespects you (and there are many many ways they can do this) you need to stand up for yourself.

Onwards and upwards lovely people 💖 xxx

Sunday, 30 August 2020

August Plot Update


A wee update from the allotment.

All is good(ish), I'm just emotionally and physically tired at the moment xxx