Friday, 15 October 2021

Sneak preview


The installation is finished!  Now I just need to decide on paint or wallpaper for above the tiles and flooring.  I'm leaning towards a yellow colour and have ordered samples of wallpaper and tester pots of paint.  

I rather like Daisy as it has yellow but on a white background.  All from Wallpaper Direct if you fancy a nosey.  I'm still undecided about the flooring.  Laminate or lino? 🤔

Wednesday, 13 October 2021



Finally, it got started today!  And they're working pretty quickly.  They had all the old stuff ripped out by lunchtime and some of the tiling started.

I decided not to replace the bath as it's a fabulous deep cast iron tub.  It may be original to the house (1967) or from the 70s.  It's actually in very good condition.  We've replaced the taps and plughole so they're modern.  The installer suggested re using some of the panelling taken from the sink cupboard to finish off the bath panel.  Fab bit of recycling!  All I'll need to do is sand and re paint. 

I chose white subway tiles, to keep it classic and to make it easy to sell if I have to at some point.  Don't want to put buyers off with my quote "wacky colour schemes." 🙄😂

The shower enclosure has been taken back to the bare bricks.  I'm assuming they're putting in a protective waterproof layer of something before adding the splashwall.  Can you guess what colour I chose???

Not a great photo of the colour but I hope you can see it's shocking pink! 😎

Monday, 11 October 2021

Dog, seeds and woodchip


I had an overnight doggy visitor at the weekend.  This is Molly, she's adorable and only a year old.  She happens to belong to my ex husband and his wife.  Long time blog readers will know how I feel about them (short version is I wish them no harm but I don't have to like them) but he's my children's father so I make an effort.  They'd been let down by their dog sitter and no one else they trusted was available at short notice.  So I said I'd have her.  They know how much I love dogs and have years of experience of owning labs.  They were suitably grateful and I gained some Brownie points.  Family harmony and all that!!

I ordered some some wee brown envelopes to store my saved seeds.  I finally got round to packing and labelling them.  It somehow made me feel like an organised gardener! 😁 

My bathroom installation was due to start today.  But it didn't 🙄 Fingers crossed it goes ahead later this week as promised.  My lovely mum came to help finish stripping off the woodchip wallpaper with 3 layers of paint (pink, yellow and lilac).  It was a terrible job.  I always knew it would be but kept avoiding it.  The walls under it are in remarkably decent condition so I'm thinking after a quick sand and filling some holes I can just paint it.

I have to keep telling myself that all this kitchen and bathroom chaos will be worth it!!

Saturday, 2 October 2021

No heat


I chopped up the chillies I harvested last week, ready to pickle.  It took aaaages!!  But sadly when I taste tested them, they had no heat.  Not spicy at all!!  Not even the red ones! 🌶 They tasted more like bell peppers than chilli peppers.  Nice but not what I expected!

I went ahead and pickled them any way with a simple vinegar/sugar/salt mixture.  I'm sure they'll be tasty with some Tex Mex style food even without the heat.  Nothing goes to waste in this house!

There's also no heat in the weather as it's turned very autumnal this week.  I'm back to wearing boots and woolly cardigans to work.  We've not been out as much in our P1 garden as it's been very wet and windy.  Luckily we have just 1 week left of school then it's our October break.

My new bathroom gets installed then! 🛁🚽🚿

Monday, 27 September 2021

Veggie pie


Today on the plot I harvested some more Cara potatoes, my first sweetcorn of the season and yet more chillies!  Luckily the weather was better this morning than it's been the rest of today.  It was a short visit as there was a rugby match due to start and I just managed to get out before the crowd arrived.  A few of my fellow plot holders later said the road into the allotment site was completely blocked and they couldn't get out!

I boiled the potatoes and made a huge pot of mash.  I blanched the sweetcorn and had it in the freezer within an hour of picking.  It was so sweet and delicious!

I sautéed a mixture of home grown veg lurking in the fridge and some frozen stuff to create a sort of pie filling.  I added some soya cream and nutritional yeast to create a creamy sauce.

I topped it with some of the mashed potatoes and made a veggie pie.  Very simple but very delicious!!  That's lunch and dinners for the next few days sorted! 😋

Sunday, 26 September 2021

Is it worth it?


When I think of the time and effort that I put into growing 'stuff' I find myself asking at the end of the season 'Is it worth it?'

I planted my tomato and chilli seeds on the 23rd of March, that's 6 months ago!  I nurtured them in my new heated propagator and then potted them on when they grew big enough.

I gave some to friends and planted the strongest ones in my polytunnel.  Then I fractured my ankle and needed my son to check them regularly so they didn't die in my absence.

Luckily they survived and I spent my whole summer holiday nurturing them as they were the only things that survived the neglect and the wet months of May and June.

There are still a few tomatoes ripening on the windowsill but so far I've processed enough in various ways to fill 11 of these containers and freeze them.  Each one is equivalent to a can of tomatoes currently costing 28p in my supermarket.  But surely they taste better for being home grown and organic?  Honestly, there's no difference in taste once it's made into a sauce!

But those 6 months gave me a reason for going to my favourite place even when the weather was awful.  Even when I didn't feel like leaving the house.  Maybe when I pull out a frozen tub of tomato sauce in the middle of Winter it will make me smile and start my plans for next year. 🍅

So true!! 💖

Wednesday, 22 September 2021



It was inevitable.  Despite our best effects in school I've got 4 positive cases in my class and at least 2 in the other P1 class.  Poor wee souls!

I've not been tracked and traced/pinged as a close contact as teachers aren't counted (don't get me started!) but I've had a letter saying I'm a 'short low key' risk.  Whatever that means!!!!  I also got a letter from the National Clinical Director for the Scottish government informing me how low risk schools are and that "IT" can't be transmitted by children. 

It's all nonsense to avoid those working in schools self isolating if they've been in close contact.  I mean you can't get much closer contact than 4 and 5 year olds hugging you, holding your hand, needing first aid etc etc for 6 hours a day.

I wear a mask. I sanitise my hands a million times a day. I clean everything in my class many times a day.  I test myself daily.  I'm fully vaccinated for "IT" plus I got my annual flu jab recently.  I'm keeping myself as healthy as I can.

I hope it's enough 🙏