Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Spotty Dress Refashion

I finally got round to finishing taking in this dress.  It was 2 sizes too big so it was an easy fix to take in under the arms.

Since I'm a classic pear shape (ie hips much bigger than bust) I didn't need to alter the skirt part.

It had a belt that was rather flimsy so I used it make a matching flower with a big button from my stash following a Youtube tutorial.

It kinda gets lost on the dress so I'll probably wear it on a cardi or jacket so it gets noticed.  If you look closely you can see the Teenager reflected in my sunglasses!!

I love this dress.  It's just a simple cotton one but it's lined and now it fits me perfectly.  Plus it was free :-)


  1. It looks lovely and what a good idea to use the belt for a brooch :-)

    That would make it smart enough to wear for a wedding or other posh event with the brooch on a co-ordinating jacket.

  2. Thanks Sue. I did consider keeping it for good (and I actually have a wedding to go to in August) but I love so much I want to wear it all the time :-)

    1. Do both!!

      Since I started Project 333 I have a lot less clothes and I wear my 'good' stuff whenever I want to. It's amazing how we all think that other folk notice so much more about us than they actually do, when it comes down to it most folk just notice if we look 'nice' and if we look happy.

      And if you're wearing something you feel good in you look both :-)

  3. Very nice you look too - love the flower !