Friday, 13 July 2012

Keep Calm

Well what else can I do?  I am not going to waste time and energy on something I can't change so I'll carry on as normal.  I'm going to keep saving money, after all it will be useful for moving house.  Then when I'm in my new house I can reassess my plans and re name my blog.

So another late night raid on the supermarket scored some reduced raspberries, cherries and a large pineapple.  Not massive amounts but enough to make a couple of jars of yummy jam.  Some to use and some to gift.

And I've added a few more things to my Etsy shop, some wee Scottie Dog brooches.  They're about 5cm/2 inches in size.  They're perfect for using up all the wee end bits of tartan.  Bit fiddly but I can make one from scratch in 30 mins now.

I've sold a couple of things and have 2 special orders.  Like I said it won't make me fortune but I'm loving it and it's all mine :-)

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