Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Frugal meals

I thought I'd post how I use up my reduced yellow stickered stuff and turn them into frugal meals.

Coleslaw was yummy with baked potatoes and eggs, well I use soooo many eggs.

The chef's veg selection included carrots, butternut squash, peas and green beans.

That became green lentil and veg soup. Very yummy!

Mixed berries became.......

......... a breakfast protein smoothie with soya protein added.

Stir fry veg became......

....... a stir fry with noodles!  I added cashews, sweetcorn and pineapples.

My freezer and store cupboard are getting so full of bargains.  Elaine over at Mortgage Free has asked the question 'How long could you live off your store cupboard provisions?'  I think I'll challenge myself to live off mine for the month of October.  With a bit of forward planning it should be doable!

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