Saturday, 27 October 2012

Selling my house

I've already mentioned here that my house is back up for sale. So far, zero viewings.  What I haven't said is that it was up for sale last year for 9 months.  I had 5 viewers.  Everyone said they loved the house and the location but it needed a lot of work.  Not true!  The house is structurally sound (home report verifies this) and has a stunning new bespoke conservatory and mud room that cost us almost 6 figures.  The house doesn't need a lot of work!!!
But I will concede that it may need some decorative touches.

Now UK readers will know that this lovely man is Phil Spencer.  And yeah, that's me grinning like an idiot. Not my finest moment when I gushed "I'm a huge fan, can I have a photograph?" I was lucky enough to meet him at a Homes Show in Edinburgh when I was helping a friend out (hence the tag!)  He's a TV expert on buying and selling houses and did a Q and A session.  He currently has a show on Ch4 called Secret Agent where he goes into houses and tries to work out why they're not selling.  He gives advice on what the owners should do to get a sale.

So I've been trying to look at my house with a 'Phil Spencer eye' and think what he might say about it.

This is my living room, well about half of it as there's a dining area with a large table and 10 chairs not shown.  This pic is on the house schedule so people see this on the internet if they're looking at my house.  Yes it's a mustard yellow colour!  Not painted by us, it was that colour when we bought it.  I like it but could this be putting people off?  To totally redecorate would cost a fortune.

So imagine my delight when the Make It and Mend It site that I love for inspiration announced a competition to win £300 of Wickes vouchers.  I thought I'd give it a go!  All I have to do is describe the room I'd re decorate and what I'd buy. So here's what I would buy if I won.

 Trade Matt Paint Magnolia 15l £31.99

Magnolia paint!  Litres and litres of the stuff.  Phil says 'Keep everything neutral so potential buyers can imagine their belongings in your rooms.' Bit boring but hey, if it sells houses......

MDF Diamond Lattice Screen 3x605x1220mm £23.49
I've got 4 ugly storage heaters in the room. Practical but not nice to look at so I'd cover them up with a lovely radiator cover made from this diamond pattern.

Screwless Flat Plate Socket 2 Gang £12.56
And look at these lovely chrome sockets and switches.  My long term plan was to change every socket in the house to these.  The conservatory and mud room are done and I've got some in the kitchen.  The living room has a hotch potch of gold and white ones.  I'd change the whole room to these ones.

Screwless Flat Plate Switch 1 Gang £7.49

TV Socket with Black Insert £7.64
To totally redecorate this room the way I would like would cost a lot of money.  If I was staying in this house I would save up and do it properly.  But right now all I need is gallons of neutral paint at a decent price and a few decorative finishes to make it look lovely.  £300 in vouchers would be very handy!!


  1. See, if you want to find out some potential buyers then you have to list your house for sale in various and popular real estate websites. Research online, follow local newspapers and magazines, it will help you a lot. good luck!
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  2. Actually, your living room looked great already, Ali! As I can see on that photo, it’s pretty spacious and is flexible to renovation. However, redecorating it might give your home a “brand new” appeal. ;)

    Ofelia Bertrand

  3. You have a beautiful home, Ali. Yeah, I think the color of the wall is one of the reasons why it’s not selling. The Trade Matt Paint Magnolia might just be the best color for it. It’s bright and very attractive. Also, it would be good if you remove some of the furniture and decorations. Let your buyers envision their own furniture in the house.

    -.Lakisha Zimmerer

  4. I can feel your enthusiasm on that photo, Ali. Phil Spencer is definitely the man! Anyway, have you already sold your house? I hope so. I’m sure the next owner will be glad to do some personal touches in that huge homey space. :)

    - Calvin Mordarski


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