Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Happy New Year!

I don't make resolutions but I do make plans for the upcoming year.  Here are this year's plans.  I'm sure they'll change as the year progresses especially if the house sells and I move.

Health and Fitness


·         Go to gym 3 times a week minimum – Monday, Wednesday and Sat evening/Sunday morning

·         Stretch EVERY day

·         Drink more water (2l a day), less coffee (3 cups a day max)

·         Take multi vitamin EVERY day

·         Must have 5 fruit/veg a day

·         Be in bed by 11pm on school nights

·         Target for weight loss 12kg (get back to 64kg)

·         Aim for Women’s 10k in May

·         Aim for Half Moon walk 8th June in Edinburgh

·         Aim for September half marathon

·         Wear knee brace or strap knee when walking dogs

·         Take G out on his bike




·         Declutter weekly by taking ‘stuff’ to charity shop or dump every Friday

·         Sell as much as possible through ebay, Fatbrain, Musicmagpie, car boot sales, garage sale etc

·         Paint kitchen

·         Replace hall carpet

·         Paint living room and replace carpet

·         Get outside rendering fixed




·         Put up greenhouse and use it!!

·         Put stone chips down side of dog garden

·         Use fleece on raised beds

·         Plant fruit trees in tubs

·         Rescue wormery




·         Continue to save £120 per month

·         Use cash to pay for food and petrol

·         Pay off credit card and cancel Premium Club

·         Get on supply list

·         Advertise tutoring services

·         Set and stick to a weekly budget for food, petrol, entertainment

·         Put earnings from The Tartan Tower into savings account

·         Sack window cleaner!!



·         Make a weekly menu plan and stick to it!!

·         Try a new veggie meal every week

·         Put at least 2 meals a week into freezer by bulk cooking

·         Build up store cupboard supplies




·         Keep to £120 annual budget by making use of ebay, charity shops, castoffs and making own clothes (that’s £10 per month)




·         Make/recycle/buy from charity shops  as many birthday presents as possible

·         Ask for practical presents for myself and G


Creativity (The Tartan Tower)


·         Research costs of going to CL Christmas Fair

·         Join Craft Scotland and other organisations

·         Design kits for making cushions etc

·         Research new product ideas

·         Add shop to website

·         Approach other outlets

·         Add more items to Etsy


Creativity (General)


·         Finish red crochet blanket

·         Finish ends of pink chunky blanket

·         Finish sock leftovers yarn

·         Use all remaining sock yarn to actually knit socks

·         List all yarn and make plans to use it

·         Sort out all craft materials and get rid of unwanted stuff

·         List all fabric and earmark for projects


Personal Development


·         Finish Module 4 of course and get certificate

·         Read more books








  1. Now that's ambition!! :)

    I merely hope to drop a little weight and preserve enough so I don't have to supermarket shop more than once a fortnight. And perhaps get a little more of the house finished.

    viv in nz

  2. I'm going to check this list at the start of each month and chart my progress. I really HAVE to do most of the things on this list or life could get difficult!!

  3. WOW!! Thats a great list of challenges, I'm sure with your determination you will succeed. Checking the list at the beginning of each month is a great idea and one which will help keep you on track. I must try that one for myself, I need every bit of help I can get :-)

    Good Luck

  4. A brilliant list of challenges - good luck, after reading through your past posts I really do think you will succeed.

    Sue xx


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