Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Keep calm and carry on

It's been one rollercoaster of a week here.  Death and illness puts a lot of stuff into perspective.  But I'm happy with my life and am grateful for the good things in it so won't dwell on the negatives.

I still haven't got round to re opening my Etsy shop or getting my website ready to sell directly.  So many things keep conspiring against me (mainly time!!)  But I have been stitching.  These wee dog brooches are Royal Stewart tartan.  They're so small (only 5cm) I guess it's hard to tell what tartan they are.  But still love making them.  The best bit is adding the stuffing and seeing them come to life :-)

The local craft boutique has requested more owl and dog cushions.  They are my big ticket items at £30 each so I'm more than happy to put in the hours for these fellas.  Each one takes about 2 and a half hours to make. I'm (im)patiently waiting for my delivery of cushion stuffing so I can finish them off.
My January food budget has been successful! :-)  One day left and I've overspent by 1p.  One single penny!! I am so thrilled especially as I included dog food in the total.  I've worked hard to make sure I haven't wasted a single scrap of food and that we've eaten healthily.  The above chicken was rescued off a chicken carcass before I popped it into the slow cooker to make stock for soup.  It was enough to flavour a risotto for me.

This is my house in the snow.  I love my house and wish dearly I didn't have to move.  But I do so it's still for sale.  I had two viewings recently.  One couple's feedback was that it was too remote and was too much work for them.  The other couple haven't even bothered to respond. 

No point in getting annoyed about it.  I'll just keep calm and carry on as usual

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