Sunday, 6 January 2013


For some reason Blogger won't let me load photos today.  Ah well, you'll just have to imagine them!

My AF order arrived on Friday.  I am so pleased with the savings I made.  At the bottom of the invoice it tells you how much you saved on RRP.  I saved £89.63!!  I'm so tempted to stock up on more bargains but need to be cautious about busting the monthly budget in my first month.

The Lucozade sports powder works out at 10p a serving.  Comparing that to the supermarket one I normally buy means a saving of £79 over a year :-)

A visit to my parents on Friday resulted in my first NSD (no spend day) of the year.  My lovely mum knows that money is tight and sent me home with a car load of leftover food and loads of clothes from her wardrobes.  We had great fun clearing them out.  She just can't resist a bargain so had lots of items still with their tags on.  Some I'll keep and some I'll try to sell on Ebay. 

I'm pleased to report that I'm making progress on my 2013 healthy plans.  Last week I made 3 gym visits and so far everything is holding up.  I'm sticking to my 3 cups of coffee a day, that's tough for me!  But it's better for me to drink less cafeine and it's saving money.  Having my 5 fruit and veg everyday is easy to do.  The drinking water is harder so need to work on that one.  I like sipping hot water with lemon in it so maybe that's the way to do it instead of cold.

Once I can load photos I'll report on my clothing budget progress


  1. Sounds like you have made a grat start to the year, especially with gym visits.

    Having trouble loading photos to blogs here, too, so I'm guessing it's the site. They're still linking OK from elsewhere though. :)


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