Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Jelly on a plate, jelly on a plate.....

.....Wibble, wobble, jelly on a plate!  No idea where that song comes from but I always sing it when I make jelly!
I was getting bored of plain jelly with fruit in it so I played around and made some fruit fool type desserts.

I drained the juice from a tin of basics peaches and used it instead of cold water in making up the jelly (using a quarter less liquid).  I pureed the peaches and mixed it with the jelly.  I poured it into glasses to set.

This is peach and orange fool served with natural yogurt

What else could I make?  I defrosted half a bag of frozen strawberries and blueberries, pureed them and added them to the jelly mix.

More sneaky ways to get fruit into the kids without costing a fortune ;-)


  1. Brilliant ideas, although I think using the juice from the peaches would make it a little sweet for my rapidly fading sweet tooth.

    I missed out on buying a bag of the Jelly Crystals I think they went on sale just after I placed an order.

    That bag should last you quite a while :-)

  2. We got them - and the kids ate some tonight made up with evaporated milk into a milky orange jelly thingie. Well they ate it all so I call that a win!!

  3. Oooo evaporated milk!!! Will def give that a go :-)

  4. I used to do that using a Shirley Goode recipe. If you whisk up the evaporated milk and then pour in the jelly and leave it all to set it's mousse like and very yummy. I used to do that for my boys many moons ago.