Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Bothered about food banks

This has been bothering me since I first read Jack's post last night.  I follow Jack's blog and on Facebook too so when she posted a link there as well, I shared it.  Coincidentally a friend also posted last night a plea from my local food bank for donations.  Again, I shared it asking my local friends to also share it.

Both posts got 1 response each.  One from a friend who actually volunteers her services at a food bank and a friend who works within the charity sector herself and sees life at the sharp end.  In other words, 2 people who are already aware of the need.

No one else has since liked, shared or commented on either link.

This has bothered me since and I'm trying to work out why.  I sometimes post links to funny dog clips (lots of my friends have dogs too) and they get lots of likes and shares.  I guess thinking about food poverty just isn't funny.

Sue has written a great post about it too and what we can do about it so I don't need to say much more.

I consider myself fortunate to have always had a roof over my head.  But when I unexpectedly become a single mum life was a struggle financially until I got myself together.  I know what it feels like to constantly worry about having enough money just to survive. 

So I've packed a box for my local food bank and plan to do this on a regular basis.  It's not much but lots of small actions add up to a big one


  1. Perhaps the like button is inappropriate (I often find this), or people prefer to keep their facebook page more upbeat, I don't know the answer either, but it does seem strange x

  2. Here in the US you don't need to be referred to a food just go. I know some people say that their are a few families that go just to get some free food, but the majority are people truly in need.
    It REALLY ticks me off that our goverment can spend BILLIONS on war and weapons with batting an eye but constantly cut back on basic needs for citizens....

  3. Fran, I agree that the like button can be inappropriate. I'm trying to stop myself from pondering the whys. I genuinely believe there are mixed messages being given out here the UK with many still believing food poverty is a choice if they've chosen cigarettes or a fancy phone instead. They just don't get that you can have a good life with a job and family and it can change in a heartbeat through no fault of your own.

    Lynda, I remember years ago being in the US and seeing a news report about food banks and thinking we'll never get to that stage. Maybe it's age or maybe I've changed over the last few years but I'm also getting very angry with our government who are so out of touch with real life.

  4. Yes! The so called "representatives" seem to represent people like the US at least, many start out in politics withideals and no money. Then despite the salary that is not small but not enough to accumulate millions, they are millionaires when they leave...thinking of one manbwho was a social worker when he went into politics and was worth millions when he left (lucrative and legal "gifts"), bought a big house, and got a job representing the interests of companies like Monsanto....

  5. We support our foodbank once a month we donate.I know what it is like to struggle and how easy it can happen.But friends do not understand it and think it is by choice ie using there money to smoke or drink......I would not dare to judge people and I am setting up a donate box at our church just hope people are generous!!

  6. Good for you WP! Hope you get lots of donations

  7. Ali, have you considered the possibility of Facebook being pretty useless at spreading such information? I post stuff regularly and can see how many people actually read the posts if they are on my page, as opposed to my personal space. On many occasions few, if any, even see my posts. An excellent experiment would be to post your link along side a photo of a puppy, or similar, and see if there is any marked difference in response. Perhaps most people simply skim through their FB pages and it's the photographs that make them stop and read. Just an idea, as Facebook drives me batty. Nobody ever seems to even see what I post unless I attach something eye-catching to it.

  8. Good point NYK. Sometimes I think I've not seen anything from X for ages and go look at their page and see lots of interesting stuff I've missed.

    I'm going to post something tomorrow about the ASDA collections on Saturday. Will need to think of something that will catch attention

  9. Jack seems to be making a huge impact. Is it just me or is it a little strange that one committed blogger has to point out what is very evident all over the place? There have been many posts today talking about the post by Jack. I guess people get caught up in their own world and it's easy to forget that there are a lot of families out there that don't know where there next meal is coming from. I'm glad that here where I live the food bank deposit boxes are in nearly every grocery store. You can't help but see them so maybe that is a trigger for some to donate on a regular basis, I know it is for me.