Sunday, 25 August 2013

Bloom where you are planted

One week tomorrow I leave this house.  Words cannot describe how deeply sad this makes me.  I've been told it's just a house, bricks and mortar but to me it has always been so much more.  It was the house and lifestyle I held in my dreams since I was a teenager thanks to The Good Life and Little House on the Prairie.
This was my forever home, the house where my children would return with their partners and their children.  My grandchildren would run round the huge garden, play football on the 'football pitch' and swing on the tyre swings.  I planned to build a tree house for them.  They'd help me collect eggs and pick veggies.  We'd walk the dogs on the moor and watch the deer. 
This was a sociable house where family and friends spent time and enjoyed the true peace and quiet of its location.  This is a house for sharing and I loved sharing it.
Yes it sounds too good to be true but for 7 years I truly lived that dream.  It wasn't perfect but the good always outweighed the bad.  And for a short time when I was left on my own I worked out a way to make it continue.  It would have been hard but I was willing to try.
But it wasn't to be.  The house has been sold after a long stressful process and I've bought a sensible house in Stirling for me and the Teenager.
I know I can make a lovely home for us even though I know in my deepest heart it's not what I want.  But I can bloom where I'm planted.  It's better for the Teenager to be near his friends and his big brother where he can become more independent.  I'm closer to where my partner lives and it's less than an hour to my parents' house by car.  All good sensible reasons.
And yet...........


  1. I fully understand your sentiments, having had to continually uproot since being 'single-ised'. But there is light at the end of the tunnel and you may well find that your next move is the forever one - dreams can be adapted, think of the adventures you can have based around the new place and then allow your mind to develop the new dreams from there. Apart from that, Stirling isn't all that far from Frugaldom. :)

  2. You WILL bloom wherever you are planted, and as NYK says, you don't know what's around the corner that might take you even closer to your dreams.

    Wishing you a smooth move and a happy new house !

  3. I understand completely, but you WILL bloom where you are planted, because what you take from this house is the love and the willingness to make yourself a home, and what you leave behind are the bricks and the mortar.

    As you close the door for the final time do it with a smile on your face .... because not very far away your future awaits.

    Wishing you all the luck and the love in the world to wrap your new home in.

  4. Oh I know...I still dream, literally dream, about our old home in England. Selling that made the move to France possible, but I really loved that house - where my babies were born, where I made my living, made a garden.

    I'm sure you will make a loving and comfortable home wherever you move to. Good luck and best wishes to you both, and I'm looking forward to hearing all about your adventure and your new home.