Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Goodbye 2013

I spent some time reading old posts last night to remind me what happened in 2013.  It's amazing to read about the things you'd kinda forgotten you'd done!  Here's a quick round up of my year.

The start of the year was a snowy one.  My last winter in Money Pit Towers although at the time I didn't know that.  The sale of the house was always hanging over me.  In between lots of decorating and de cluttering I managed to complete my counselling course.  I then decided after all that work I didn't want to become a counsellor as it was pulling me in a direction I didn't want.  So the decision to return to teaching was made.

I also went on a corset making course which I loved.  This is definitely something I will be developing in 2014.

I attended a few craft fairs with mixed success.  Everyone loved my tartan stuff but no one was buying my larger pieces.  I decided not to sell at fairs as the costs were more than any profits and set up a Facebook page for The Tartan Tower. 

Thanks to The Great British Sewing Bee my sewing mojo was firmly in place and as well as sewing from scratch my refashioning habit took off big time.

I took in dresses that were too big, dyed jackets and blouses and turned dresses into tops.  I made flower brooches from belts and even glued ribbons to shoes.  Feeling brave I approached The Refashion Co op and to my amazement they let me join!!

At the start of the summer holidays I finally sold my house after almost 3 years.  It was filmed to be featured on the BBC programme Escape to the Country.  I think this pushed my buyer into finally making an offer!! Although the house wasn't used in the end it was fun being part of the filming process.

Although I had been working towards selling the house for so long, when it happened it was a time of sadness and relief mixed with excitement of creating a new life for myself and the Teenager.  At the same time I interviewed for a job supply teaching and was successful.

It was a summer of short breaks away, combined with family visits including a wedding. My favourite outfit of the year was this wedding outfit put together for £10!

After a busy summer that included visiting family in Vienna and the isle of Lewis, I finally moved house. A wee ordinary house in a nice area of Stirling.  It needs lots of work but it's all mine :-)

The end of the year saw us celebrating my Dad's 70th birthday.  We managed to get all 6 grandchildren together for the first time in years.  That was pretty special.

And finally to end the year, I'm back teaching full time!  I love it but it's very time consuming.  I've yet to balance work/home life but I'm working on it.

It's been a good year.  Here's to 2014, may it be even better :-)

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  1. Wishing you all the best for 2014 Ali, I shall be sharing the journey with you - an exciting time as none of us know what is in store!


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