Saturday, 13 December 2014

This week's round up

I haven't had much luck with the yellow stickers recently but did pick up some reduced bananas and pears this week in Morrisons.  I don't usually shop there as it's the other side of town for me so an unexpected bonus when I picked up some dry cleaning.

Lots of people in blogland have been opening their sealed pots recently.  Here's ours.  We only fill it with 5p, 2p and 1p coins so it's not a lot of money saved over the year.

This year's total was a grand £19.42!! Not exactly a fortune but it all adds up :-)

Today I decided to do a major clearout of my cupboards and chest freezer.  These are my onions.  They're lasting well.  I just stored them under the sink in a basket.  Seems to suit them!

Oh dear!! This is the freezer contents *insert embarrassed face* Lots of un named items and many with no dates.  I'm afraid I was ruthless and chucked out a lot of stuff.  I found a few things at the bottom that I don't even remember buying. 

I've also cleaned out my store cupboard although it's not actually tidied yet.  I've finally made a gluten free shelf and a Teenager shelf so we can each see at a glance what ingredients and 'treats' we have in stock.  Actually more than I thought!! And several opened packets of the same thing!! Oops!

I've totalled up my Nectar points and I have around £94 worth this year.  So that's almost £115 included the sealed pot contents.  I'm going re stock my freezer for Christmas, make a load of meals for my oldest DS to keep in his freezer for when he's not well enough to cook and get some Christmassy foods for the local food bank. 

And finally, I heard yesterday I've got an interview for both jobs at my school :-) It's in January so I'll have the holidays to swot!!


  1. Great job on the freezer clear out. I hate doing it but always find stuff I have forgotten about. You have a nice sum to re-stock with too. Good luck with the jobs!

  2. Good luck with the jobs, I love working in school it's fab. Well done on your Christmas savings, what a good idea think we need a sealed pot for next year.

  3. Well done on the job interviews-good luck. I do admire your energy having a sort out at this time of year. £19.42 will buy some nice treats for Christmas x

  4. I have four sealed pots on the go. Two are for the children, one for hubby and one for me. When I have a spare pound or two I put it in. But I must admit it usually goes into the childrens pots. I was hoping to fill them by Christmas so they could have a surprise at how much I have saved for each of them. but they are still not full.
    I need to sort cupboards out before Christmas shop.