Sunday, 18 January 2015


I've started my 2015 Clothing Challenge by purchasing 2 waterfall style cardigans on eBay. Total cost £20.94.  The only problem buying online is you can't assess the quality.  The purple one is a decent quality and so far has proven cosy and warm when I wore it to work this week as the school, like our weather, is rather frozen at the moment.  The red lacy one however has already unravelled, I fear it may not last as long. I need to find a create way to rescue it.
I managed to stay within my £120 budget for clothes last year.  I did however have to buy a new pair of boots for work as my old ones had split.  I didn't buy any running/exercise shoes as I had stocked up the previous year during a Sportsshoes sale.  It will be a big challenge to stay in budget needing to buy specialist shoes but I will hunt for a bargain pair!
Yesterday's supermarket shopping scored a gourmet yellow stickered treat.  A very tasty piece of premium rump steak.  I've popped it in the freezer for now.  If I don't find a similar bargain for OH and I to have a steak dinner, I'll slice this one thinly for a special stir fry for 2.
I had originally picked up 3 x 500g packs of beef mince at £3.35.  Total 1.5kg for £10.05.  However a quick browse in the meat section of the freezers revealed a good deal on frozen mince (and it was Scottish!!) at 2 x 500g for £5.  So I bought 4 packs.  Total 2kg for £10!
I cooked 2 packs with red wine, onions, carrots and chopped tomatoes and used half of it to make another lasagne.  A big one!!  So far it's done 3 generous portions with 2 leftover portions that will be 2 lunches this week.  And I've found NO DIFFERENCE in taste between the fresh or frozen mince lasagne! :-)
I've already switched to using frozen chicken fillets instead of fresh and now I'll be using the frozen mince.  And I'll definitely be investigating other frozen meats in the future to save money.


  1. I never look in the frozen meat section of the supermarket freezers ... perhaps it's time I did!!

    Have you though of cutting the waterfall cardigan across more straight and adding a bias binding hem in matching or toning colours, just an idea. That's the downside to buying online I guess, you really can't judge the quality from pictures can you.

  2. I don't think we have frozen mince over here I will have to have a look. Yes we are living on markdowns as meat prices are so expensive in Australia and fresh fish prices even worse. Love the purple cardigan. Ruth.