Friday, 10 April 2015

Approved delivery

I've struggled lately to make up an order from Approved Foods as they don't have a lot of dairy and GF stuff.  So imagine my delight when I was able to get a huge box of goodies delivered yesterday.

Biscotti, rice crackers and dairy free mint chocolate.

Pudding mix, GF flour and Alpro 'cream'

So 8 boxes biscotti, 8 boxes of crispbreads, 8 packets rice crackers, 4x1kg flour, 4 bars chocolate, 4 boxes pudding mix and 4 cartons of Alpro cream came to £22.92.  That was a saving of £62.76 on the full prices.  And everything is in date except the flour which was the end of March but that's going in the freezer to stay fresh.  Even with the £5.99 delivery charge that's a great deal :-)
I'm still working in my garden.  I dug a wee trench and used an old scaffolding plank to divide the veg patch from the stoned area. Historically my back can't cope with digging but I'm pleased to report this morning I'm ok.  All that core work in the gym is working!! :-)  
I've also been working on my front garden, removing a lot of overgrown plants and emptying pots that were full of roots and not much else.  I've moved a lot of pots round to the 'fruit garden' area and just kept the blue ones at the front (to match the raised beds).
I'm really pleased with the progress of my wee garden this week.  It's been hard work but I've been able to do most of it myself, only needing the Teenager to move a few really heavy things :-)


  1. Enjoying following your progress :) Big AF fan here too, have a very well-stocked store now, and like you, am getting to grips with a new garden :)


  2. What a deal you got on that food. Was it a one off offer? I know how hard it is getting allergy friendly food as oldest has nut allergy. Digging is good exercise I find for my back.

  3. Anna, Approved have always got great offers but it's just luck if it's stuff you want. If you use a lot of packets and jars it can be brilliant. Obviously I have to watch what I eat now so look out for the dairy and GF stuff. I just keep checking it out every few weeks.

    Sarah, also enjoying your progress too xxx

  4. They do have good batches of dairy and gluten free stuff every now and then don't they. They must have a pretty regular supply, so it's always worth watching out for if you're running a bit low.


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