Monday, 6 April 2015

Best laid plans...

As predicted, my plans went to pot! Yesterday was too nice a day to be stuck inside painting my kitchen so it was spent in the garden.  I've tried to clear an area 3m by 3m to create a vegetable bed. You may remember my back garden is totally paved with a very large stone chipped area.  The dogs hate it but it's been low maintenance for me until now. 

The Teenager helped me pull up the black plastic membrane and rake the stones back.  It was messy hard work and my back is feeling it now!  Thank goodness he is fit and strong.  I wouldn't have managed it by myself.

This area will be for the chickens.  The coop that OH made last summer has been in position but due to various things I wasn't ready for them. Yet more stones need to be cleared away but it's doable.

There's a Leylandii tree stump at the back beside the fence.  I tried my wee greenhouse there to see if it would work but I later decided it wouldn't.  I'll just keep pulling up the roots and hope it eventually dies off. I've moved the greenhouse to the house side for now.
Next I need to dig over the area and see what the soil is like.  Suspect it's quite poor and will need some help.  Then I need to work out how to keep dogs and chickens off it so I'm thinking some sort of netted fence.  My lovely mum gave me some money for Easter so I'm off to spend it on garden supplies shortly.

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  1. Wow! Looking great already. Worth all the hard work. Well done to you and Gordon. looking forward to seeing it covered with veggies. Are you going to use the one third principle and rotate crops? xxx