Saturday, 4 April 2015

Easter holiday planning

Here is some of my purple sprouting broccoli.  I'm so pleased I left it in the bed to do its own thing (laziness rather than design!!!)  There's loads still growing so looks like a lot of broccoli dishes will be served up in the next few weeks. Yum :-)

Last night I had some with chicken in apple gravy and rice.  It doesn't look purple once it's been steamed!

I've been much more organised for work, doing the Sunday planning for what I'm wearing and having for lunch seems to be working.  The above pasta bolognaise (GF pasta and goats cheese on top) was my evening meal one night and a portion was set aside for lunch next day. Either GF pasta has improved or I'm just used to it now, it was delicious.  No deprivation pangs at all.

So yesterday (Day 1 of the Easter holiday) was mostly spent planning.  First job that needs to be completed is my kitchen.  All I need to do is finish off all the wee fiddly painting jobs and seal the kitchen cupboard doors with wax.  OH needs to replace the last 4 electrical sockets.  Then I'm rearranging my store cupboard and pots/pans cupboard.  2 days work at most if I just get on with it.

It's now warm enough here to start off some seeds.  I've been saving loo roll tubes and plastic drinks bottles.  I'm testing a few old packets of seeds to see if they're viable and hopefully will get my new veg patch dug up by the end of this week.  That's the plan.  Somehow my plans always get interrupted by other people's 'stuff' but I'm determined to get cracking as I don't have the distraction of school stuff.

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  1. Purple sprouting broccoli is lovely and looks great, but I remeber the first time I cooked it, being so disappointed that it lost its purple!