Sunday, 3 May 2015

St Andrews and Largo

On Friday night OH and I went on a short road trip in the van.  I'd never been to St Andrews so we headed east.  We wandered round the town admiring the university buildings and the ruined medieval castle and cathedral. This was the cathedral by moonlight, almost a full moon.  We had fish and chips from the award winning Cromars.  Very tasty!

Just look at the huge beach!

We found a good spot to park up for the night (so good that we had 4 other wild campers near us!)  In the morning we went for a walk on the beach.  It was very windy and very cold.  Despite that, it was full of runners, dogs (OH found a new friend!), horses (the 2 figures on the right in the distance), kite surfers (to the left of OH in the sea) and land yachts!  Later on we also saw a beach volleyball tournament!  And of course just to the right of the beach is the famous St Andrews golf course.

We then had a leisurely drive round the Neuk of Fife and stopped in Lower Largo, birth place of Alexander Selkirk the real life inspiration for Daniel Dafoe's Robinson Crusoe.

Now there's a fabulous front door!!  I just loved their boar's head knocker :-)

On our wander through the village we found this amazing gate.

And this amazing totem pole.  I've just looked it up and they're both by a local artist Alan Faulds.  Very unusual.
Although it was cold (come on weather it's May now!!) it was dry.  I think we got the best day of the Bank Holiday weekend as today it's foul with tomorrow's forecast even worse.  I'll be spending my day's holiday tomorrow on schoolwork. Actually it's school paperwork, the scourge of every teacher.


  1. Hi Ali, your wild camping description took me back to my motor caravan days. There is something very very therapeutic about lying in bed listening to the wind howl but being warm and snug inside right. How lovely. And you know, it doesn't matter if it is cold does it? In March I flew home to England for a couple of days to see my mom in Dorset. Weather was dry and we tootled off to a beach exactly like you describe. A couple of days later I flew off to Cuba. No contest with the weather of course but .... the Dorset beach, with the "brisk" weather was just as beautiful but in a very different way. Lovely. Anna

  2. Totally agree! I spent much of my early childhood in a tiny touring caravan with my gran and grandpa. Hearing the rain batter on the roof of our van takes me back to that innocent time listening to the rain knowing you're safe and warm inside :-)

  3. That is a beautiful area, we stayed at Largo when visiting RAF Leuchars air show one year. You'll need to pop down to Frugaldom in your van this summer, pay us a visit. :) (I've emailed you via the forums.)


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