Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Bread and butter pickles

I got 8 reduced cucumber halves. You can't go wrong with 9p!  I also had some of my chive flower vinegar left so I was able to make a batch of bread and butter pickles.

I sliced them, put them in a colander and sprinkled them with salt.  I sat them in a shallow dish to catch the liquid and left them overnight.  There was a lot of liquid in the dish by morning.  This helps the pickles stay crunchy.

I rinsed them and patted them dry between 2 tea towels.

I then brought the vinegar and some sugar to the boil and added the slices of cucumber.  I brought it back up to the boil for 1 min.
I drained the cucumber and let it cool briefly before adding it to a hot sterilised jar.  Then I topped the jar up with some of the vinegar.

They're well packed in!

Can't beat good old Sarson's for vinegar! And their big jars are ideal to store your pickled stuff.
I love these pickles.  I have no idea why they're called bread and butter pickles. They taste like gherkins/dill pickles.  Good in salads and on burgers ;-)
ETA- Did some research and found this explanation 

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  1. I've often wondered why they are called Bread and Butter pickles too, unless that's what you're supposed to eat them with. I prefer them with a good cheddar and some crackers myself :-)